This Barcelona is nothing anymore. It has a president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, who has destroyed a legacy between babbling. An aging staff and more pending to retain power than to open the locker room bathroom. And a trainer, Setién, who went from cruyffista to trapeze artist in the circus of horrors. And he did nothing but discover decrepitude. The one that Luis Enrique sensed in Paris (4-0) and Turin (3-0) before fleeing. The one that buried Valverde after Roma (3-0) and Liverpool (4-0). The same that led the Setién team to complete the most embarrassing game in the history of the entity. Destroyed by Bayern in Lisbon in the first half hour in which he scored four goals, the humiliation was total in the second with another four. The elimination in the Champions League was nothing more than the evidence of an end. Perhaps it would never have been necessary to reach a point where the shame, rather than cover up, was displayed without shame.

There is no worse enemy than fear. Not only does it deny ideals that seemed insubordinate, but it also traps you in an eternal exercise of survival in which only saving your neck counts. How stops matter. Griezmann's substitution should not be explained from his erratic evolution or from the obsession to contain, but from Setién's obsession with harboring so much nakedness. In your template. But also in a club that saw how the three most expensive signings in its history (Coutinho, on the Bayern bench, Dembélé and the aforementioned Griezmann), a product of propaganda, housed their buttocks on the starting bench. Coutinho also took his revenge with two goals.

If they ever knock you down, don't play the hero and get up running. Hold the bill, ”was what Rocky Marciano his coach, Charley Goldman, shouted at him. Marciano retired without having lost a professional match. Barcelona did the opposite from the moment they received the first whip from Müller, who finished so hot with his left after Lewandowski enabled him in the fourth minute. An action that was born from a loss of Busquets, who is finding it increasingly difficult to bear the twilight. Ymal accompanied by De Jong, whose flourishing is completely impossible in such a setting.

Barcelona, ​​regardless of the thousand and one holes in a defensive system in which the men on the shores were specters (Semedo and Sergi Roberto on the one hand, Alba and Arturo Vidal on the other), without thinking that any of the losses of Ter Stegen in the impossible exit of the pressure would cost him a displeasure, he tried to throw himself to the mount. As if suddenly carried away by a sudden delusion of grandeur. "We are the best in the world," exclaimed Arturo Vidal on the eve. Alaba scored the tie at his own goal after a grotesque backward shot. But Suárez, who in the second act broke a streak of four years and 11 months without scoring in Europe away from the Camp Nou, was clouded by Neuer. Messi then saw how the ball hit the post after a cross. Nothing.

Another loss from Sergi Roberto returned Barcelona to stark reality. Perisic solved it with a crossed hammer that bent Ter Stegen's foot. It was then that the Catalans were carried away by a well-known impotence. Messi walked looking at the ground light years from his teammates. As if the world had disappeared around him again. Lost in his thoughts. And seeing how Europe became a cemetery. Between 24 and 33 years he has only won one Champions League. A sporting maturity to the fret because of those who had to take advantage of the presence of the best soccer player ever.

The 1-3 came in the simplest way. Müller launched Gnabry and Lenglet couldn't help but turn to look at the goal. Also 1-4, when Kimmich, from the end, crossed so hot for Müller to show how good his second youth feels.

Setién took Griezmann out when nothing made sense anymore. He left the minutes of the garbage to Ansu Fati. And the shout of Suárez after 2-4 was nothing more than the prelude to Davies's dance to Semedo before the fifth, topped by Kimmich. Barça had given up for more than an hour, so it didn't take long for Bayern to emulate Germany with Mineirao to Brazil in the 2014 World Cup (7-1). To make the shame complete, Coutinho, who assisted Lewandowski at 2-6, reached 2-7 and 2-8.

"We live as we dream: alone." Messi was that Marlow who was looking for ghosts in The Heart of Darkness. And Barcelona, ​​destroyed and expired, said goodbye without anyone in the stands. The silence was worse punishment than the eight goals.

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