"Air Jordan 1" bid for 65 million yen The highest price in sports shoes August 14 16:33

NBA = American professional basketball superstar Michael Jordan, the basketball shoes that he wore during his active career were put up for auction, and the highest bid for sports shoes was about 65 million yen in Japanese yen.

The model exhibited at Christie's, a major British auction company, is a model called "Air Jordan 1" worn by Jordan in a match in Italy in 1985, when he was debuting.

In this match, Jordan was known for making a hard dunk shot and breaking the backboard that supported the goal into pieces, and the pieces of the shoes remained stuck in the bottom of the shoe, It was attracting the attention of lovers.

The auction closed on the 13th and was priced at $615,000, or about 65 million yen in Japanese yen.

In May this same Jordan's shoes were sold for a maximum of 60 million yen as sports shoes, and the high price was updated in just three months.

Regarding Mr. Jordan, high prices have continued, such as a uniform price of 31 million yen, and there are voices pointing out the influence of the documentary program broadcast this time, and there is also a view that it is an investment target There is.