MLB Angels Otani 3 Hits No Hits Aug 13 9:18

Shohei Otani of the major league league, Angels, was the starting player in the athletics match on the 12th with No. 5 designated hitter, and was a three-hit no-hit.

On the 12th, Otani, who had been hitting multiple hits in three consecutive games until the day before, played in the athletics match at home in Anaheim with a No. 5 designated hitter.

Otani took the baseball against the starting right pitcher by choosing the foreball from the second left pitcher for the second at-bat at four times, the second at-bat at the center fly, and the third at-bat at six in the third. ..

In the 9th inning at bat, which followed 4 points, he faced the opponent's restraining pitcher and failed to match the fast ball of about 156 km, and fell to a shallow left fly.

Otani has no hits after 3 hits and has not hit for the first time in 4 games, and his batting average has fallen to 20 minutes per minute.

The match ended with the Angels losing 8 to 4, and the winning streak stopped at 2.