Peter Ljung was unlucky when he flew over the air fence and straight into a lighting pole on Tuesday night. It could have gone very badly.

- Apart from the fact that he has been beaten and suffered a concussion, he is pretty okay, says Vetlanda's team manager Mikael Wirebrand.

The accident does not prevent Ljung's continued riding, but now the rehabilitation has begun with a so-called Brain Staircase, where you gradually step up the brain's activity.

- Now he should not touch a phone, a toad or use a screen for 72 hours, Wirebrand says. It's the brain ladder we start on then.

Mikael Wirebrand is, after all, grateful for how well it went anyway.

- If you have seen the pictures, you understand how we felt. I am very, very happy today that it is as good as it is anyway.