Coach Patrick Kiens of gymnastics club SV Pax does not intend to take a step back for the time being. Pax does not respond to the request of the national gymnastics association KNGU, because according to the club it raises "more questions than clarity".

Kiens is the only coach of a club that is part of the TeamNL program, who remains active. Frank Louter (TON Almelo), Wolther Kooistra (TURNZ Amsterdam) and Nico Zijp (Flik Flak Den Bosch) did agree to the request of the association, which does not have the authority to keep the coaches aside.

Previously, national coaches Gerben Wiersma and Vincent Wevers were put on hold by the gymnastics union, in connection with the research into physical and mental abuse in women's and girls' gymnastics.

Pax has informed the union in an initial response because of the unclear questions that he does not want to accept the request. The club also wants answers from the association "to a number of questions that are important to us and all clubs, so that we can make a well-founded and sound decision based on the right reasons, facts and circumstances".

Kiens will therefore remain active for the club from the Haarlemmermeer for the time being, although the association does not rule out that the request will be accepted after answers from the association.

Pax says he is committed to striving for a safe and responsible top sports climate. "In order to achieve this and keep it that way, as far as SV Pax is concerned, everything may give way to this and no person has to be spared in this. At least if this is based on pure and correct grounds."

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