Data map: Chinese player Ma Long in the game. Photo by An Yuan

  China News Service, August 12th. On the 11th, the Chinese table tennis team entered the fourth competition day of the Olympic simulation game, and the men's and women's singles competition was fully launched. Unfortunately, when the game was about to start, the national table tennis captain Ma Long chose to retire because of a sudden injury.

  "I have been preparing for this game before, and I have drawn lots to Hou Yingchao. I think that I have done a bit more for the cut and preparation activities. When I look up when I sprint back and forth, I feel that the shoulder and neck position is particularly uncomfortable. It’s better, but it’s still difficult to play. The team doctor also hopes to avoid aggravation, give up first in singles, and try hard to recover and treat to fight in the team competition.” Ma Long said in an interview.

  Although Malone retired, the rest of the singles matches were still exciting. Xu Xin's opponent in the first singles match was Zhou Kai. In the first three rounds, Xu Xin played well and fully controlled the situation. He quickly took the lead 3:0. He was about to win the game. Zhou Kai launched a counterattack and chased two rounds. Fortunately, Xu Xin stabilized his mind. 4:2 wins.

  Fan Zhendong also defeated Zhou Yu 4:2 to advance. In addition, Liang Jingkun, Lin Gaoyuan, Wang Chuqin, Yu Ziyang and others all defeated their opponents and successfully entered the next round. In the women's singles, the top half of the quarterfinals were Chen Meng, Qian Tianyi, Gu Yuting, and Wang Manyu. The bottom half of the quarterfinals were Wang Yidi, Chen Xingtong, Liu Fei and Sun Yingsha. (Finish)