Koshien Exchange Match Shizuoka Kato Gakuen wins over Kagoshima Josai August 12 at 15:55

In the second match of the third day of the high school baseball exchange game, Kato Gakuen in Shizuoka beat Kagoshima Josai High School 3:1.

Both teams, which will be Koshien for the first time, played with 0 to 0 up to 5 times, with both Ace of Kato Gakuen's pitcher Hinuma and Yusuke Happo of Kagoshima Jōsei.

After that, Kato Gakuen preempted 1 point in the 6th inning, and 2nd Takashi Sugiyama hit the 2nd running home run in the exchange match in the 8th inning, and added 2 points. ..

Kato Gakuen won 3 to 1, winning the first Koshien.

On the other hand, Kagoshima Josai's counterattack was limited to one in nine runs, not a victory at Koshien.