Koshien exchange game is the first official match this year, 11:25 on August 12, not losing to Gifu Sho Corona

Prefectural Gifu Commerce, which appeared in the third game of the high school baseball exchange game on the second day, declined to participate in Gifu's own competition due to the influence of the new coronavirus, so this game became the first official game this year. ..

How did the athletes stand on the Koshien ground, the first official match that finally took place in August after the tournament was canceled or declined?

Infected people declined their own competition at the school

On the 19th of last month, Gifu Shoken decided to decline to participate in its own tournament, which will replace the local summer tournament.

This is because the new coronavirus infected persons were confirmed one after another in the school.

It was less than a week before the first match of the tournament.

The suspension of Koshien in the spring and summer was further overtaken, and at this point, participation in exchange games at Koshien was uncertain.

Naoki Tawada, a third-year student, said he was worried that he might not be able to compete in the match.

What supported the players

It was the words of Director Kakuji Takumi who supported the upset players.

"Now, let's survive this moment to the fullest."

It is a message that the manager kept telling the players that he could not practice due to the influence of corona.

Mr. Tawada recalls, "This word helped me even though I couldn't switch easily."

During the period of self-restraint, even though I couldn't practice face-to-face, I changed to a positive feeling, "Let's do what I can do now."

You will be able to participate in the exchange match safely, and this is the match you received on this day.

Gifu-sho, the prefecture, had a difficult development that led from beginning to end, but it was 9 times.
As with Tawada, captain Yasushi Sasaki, who has been practicing voluntarily with the coach's words in mind, hit the home run, the first exchange match.

The match lost 2 to 4, but parents at both schools visited the stadium with great applause, and on the SNS, voices praised the players' efforts, saying that they were “impressed” and “shook”. ..

Director Kajishi said, “I had no choice but to decline the spring tournament, the summer tournament, and the original tournament, and I was forced to decline my own tournament. It was there, but he did his best," praised the players' efforts.

Sasaki, the captain, said, “I think the players were really strong in this match because there were no unique competitions, and I think we were able to put out what we had.”

In addition, Tawada said, "I would like to continue to do my best in the future, valuing the attitude of the manager that "I will live hard now".

The special summer was over for the third-year students of Gifu Sho, who fought the first and last Koshien without losing the corona.