[Concurrent] Lin Shuhao, Beijing Shougang male basketball player

  The most impressive thing in my first year of CBA is definitely the fans.

  [Explanation] On August 12th, at the meeting between the Beijing Shougang men's basketball players and the fans, Jeremy Lin first thought of the care given to him by the fans when he talked about the impressive things this past season.

  [Concurrent] Lin Shuhao, Beijing Shougang male basketball player

  Fans who want to find me will definitely find a way to find me, (will give) a lot of gifts and these things, many away games will become home. I started five or six years ago, why I always said that I have a dream to play in CBA one day, all for these fans, every game is to truly feel their love.

  [Explanation] On June 20, 151 days later, the CBA League, which had been truce for nearly 5 months, officially restarted. After a special season, Jeremy Lin said, at this time, I can feel the importance of a team working together to unite and help each other.

  [Concurrent] Lin Shuhao, Beijing Shougang male basketball player

  After coming to Shougang for one year, I also think it is really a family. From the first day to now, I feel that every member of the team and the coaching team have treated me very, very well, whether it is (yes) me or my family, take me to dinner, give gifts and other things, and always take care of me.

  [Explanation] In order to thank the doctors and nurses for their dedication during the epidemic, the Beijing Shougang Men's Basketball team specially invited a fan who is engaged in the profession of nurses. In a previous live broadcast, the fan once shared with the men's basketball players his story of signing up to support the close ward.

  [Concurrent] Fang Shuo, Beijing Shougang male basketball player

  (Live broadcast) Talk to her about her dedication and dedication during the epidemic, so that more people can see her efforts, and let everyone feel the difficulties she suffered during the epidemic. Infected by the spirit of our Shougang (men's basketball), I think this is a very good thing.

  [Explanation] During the rematch of this season, the Beijing Shougang Men's Basketball Team achieved an 11-game winning streak and once again rushed into the semifinals after five years.

  Reporter Xu Pengpeng reports from Beijing

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