With thanks to Hiroshima Shinjo teacher [Koshien exchange match] August 11, 20:28

The players and coach of Hiroshima Shinjo High School, who appeared in the first game of the second day of the high school baseball exchange game, stepped on the soil of Koshien with gratitude to their teacher who could not come to the stand.

Hiroshima's famous general leaves

At the end of March, about three weeks after the decision to stop Senbatsu, which was supposed to appear in Hiroshima Shinjo for the first time in six years, Moriaki Sakoda (74) retired from being the baseball team's director for more than 12 years.

Mr. Sakoda, who led the team six times in the spring and summer including Koshien, which was his predecessor, decided to retire, saying "I want to take over next time when the team is in good condition." At the final meeting, I left the field with a final message saying, "It's a tough task in the world of corona, but I want you to overcome this."

“For your teacher”

Director Sakoda, who was supposed to be conducting at Senbatsu. I was thinking of watching this exchange game from the stand, but I stopped considering the influence of the new coronavirus.

For the teacher who could not come to Koshien. Before the tournament, Captain Shimono said, "I want to show my growth."

That feeling was the same for the new director. Director Satoshi Utamura is a student of Mr. Sakoda during the Hiroshima commercial era, and became a coach of Hiroshima Shinjo after graduating from university. I learned the teaching of Mr. Sakoda who creates rhythm from protection for 11 years.

Director Utamura said, "I want to make sure that the players can do what they have learned from Mr. Sakoda."

Practicing the teacher’s teaching

The game won by hitting Tenri with 2 points. Ace's Shunki Akita and second grader Kyohei Akiyama's two left-armed pitchers shined.

Akita pitcher said, “I learned from coach Sakoda that raising the ball was a matter of feeling. I was always thrown in consideration of being low”.

The back also showed good protection many times, and Shuta Seo of the short player recalled, "Thanks to Sakota's knock, I was able to handle difficult ball hits. It was good to be here."

It was a victory by practicing a baseball that Mr. Sakoda created and defended like Hiroshima Shinjo.

Confidently on each path

Mr. Sakoda who watched TV at his home in Hiroshima city. When I asked him how he saw the students playing at Koshien by phone after the match, he was pleased that he was able to cover all the mistakes. The team turned in one direction and felt the growth of the players. ..

And, "Senbatsu was canceled and there were times when I couldn't practice, so I did my best so far. Today's experience will live in my future life. I want you to proceed with confidence in each path," Yale sent. It was

Mr. Sakoda, who felt the strength of the players who took full effort at the once-only Koshien this summer, could hear the voice over the phone until the end.

(Hiroshima Broadcasting Hirokazu Sakanashi/Koshien Interview Group Reporter Ayumi Imamura)