Good evening and welcome to this live blog. Here we will keep you informed of the last two quarter-finals in the Europa League.

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  • Shakhtar-FC Basel 4-1

Wolverhampton Wanderers-Sevilla a few seconds ago

Past! Sevilla creeps through the eye of the needle, but shakes off Wolverhampton Wanderers with a late hit.

Wolverhampton Wanderers-Sevilla one minute ago

90 + 2 'Wolverhampton no longer has the energy to squeeze out a final offensive. Not surprising, after a season of 383 days. Sevilla holds the ball well in the front and is going to win the victory.

one minute ago

Shakhtar Donetsk-FC Basel3 minutes ago

Past! Shakhtar Donetsk qualifies for the semi-finals with a simple 4-1 victory over FC Basel.

Shakhtar Donetsk-FC Basel5 minutes ago

90 + 2 'GOAL FC Basel! 4-1

A small boost for Ricky van Wolfswinkel, who can now say that he has scored in the quarter finals of the Europa League. A low cross passes everyone, but not the Dutch striker, who has the ball in front of it. It is a small cloth for the bleeding, because it is no more than an honorary hit for an otherwise hopeless FC Basel.

Wolverhampton Wanderers-Sevilla7 minutes ago

88 'GOAL Sevilla! 0-1

While most seem to have reconciled with an extension, Ever Banega and Lucas Ocampos think differently. One Argentinian hurls the ball in front of the goal and the other heads it into the far corner. Seville seems to drag it away from the gates of hell.

Shakhtar Donetsk-FC Basel9 minutes ago

88 'GOAL Shakhtar Donetsk! 4-0

Basel is all through it and gives Shakhtar plenty of room to further increase the score in the counter-punch. Dodó extends the margin by sliding the ball into the long corner after a faster counter.

Wolverhampton Wanderers-Sevilla10 minutes ago

86 'Finally, Lopetegui intervenes. Luuk de Jong comes in as a battering ram, he relieves En Nesyri. Can the Dutchman force the decision?

10 minutes ago

Wolverhampton Wanderers-Sevilla 11 minutes ago

The protagonist of one of the most exciting moments after the break is Daniele Orsato. The referee was almost knocked out after he got a ball to the head, but has now put on his stern face again. It says everything about this dragon of a competition.

Shakhtar Donetsk-FC Basel12 minutes ago

85 'It will not be extended at Shakhtar Donetsk-FC Basel. The Swiss no longer believe in it after the 3-0 and offer the Ukrainians little resistance. The team in orange also seems to believe it and finishes the game at half strength.

Wolverhampton Wanderers-Sevilla 15 minutes ago

Julen Lopetegui prays for a happy ending. Perhaps someone should tell him that as a coach of Sevilla he has a lot of influence on this, because surprisingly enough he has not yet changed. That also means that Luuk de Jong is still on the bench.

Wolverhampton Wanderers-Sevilla17 minutes ago

77 'Banega's free kick was taken very well, but Ruí Patrício's save is just as great. The Portuguese keeper taps the Argentinian's bet with his fingertips from under the crossbar and keeps his team in the match.

Wolverhampton Wanderers-Sevilla 19 minutes ago

76 'Sevilla gets a free kick in a promising position after Coady Banega slips. If it does not come out of open play, can it come out of a standard situation?

19 minutes ago

Shakhtar Donetsk-FC Basel 22 minutes ago

75 'GOAL Shakhtar Donetsk! 3-0

Shakhtar can prepare for the semi-finals of the Europa League, because FC Basel and Ricky van Wolfswinkel will no longer make up for this. Alan Patrick puts himself behind the ball and shoots the penalty kick hard and high.

Shakhtar Donetsk-FC Basel23 minutes ago

74 ' Penalty Shakhtar Donetsk! Taison slalom into the penalty area and is toppled by Marchand. Is Shakhtar going to decide the game here after all?

Shakhtar Donetsk-FC Basel24 minutes ago

73 'There is Ricky van Wolfwinkel, can he save FC Basel?

Shakhtar Donetsk-FC Basel25 minutes ago

With twenty minutes to go, Shakhtar doesn't seem to have any concerns. Basel does turn on, but it also gives away more space in the back. There, the fast Shakhtar attackers in the counter can cause danger, although it does not lead to the final death blow.

Wolverhampton Wanderers-Sevilla 28 minutes ago

66 'Sevilla is now starting to take the initiative a little more. Koundé gets a good chance, but he heads over in a favorable position because he is just not able to get a free kick from Banega.

28 minutes ago

Wolverhampton Wanderers-Sevilla 29 minutes ago

64 'An illustrative image: referee Daniele Orsato gets a free kick from Suso hard in the back of the head. The Italian referee rubs his neck with a painful face, but can continue.

Shakhtar Donetsk-FC Basel 30 minutes ago

67 'Again the VAR is looking at whether Basel deserves a penalty, this time because Dodo may have made hands. Even now, however, the video referee rules that there is nothing wrong.

Wolverhampton Wanderers-Sevilla 32 minutes ago

63 'And Nesyri rummages through the Wolves defense, but is then too unbalanced to pass Ruí Patrício. The tip of the striker can easily be picked up by the keeper.

Shakhtar Donetsk-FC Basel33 minutes ago

63 'Basel thinks it is entitled to a penalty and is hopeful for the judgment of the VAR. However, he judges that Valentin Stocker is not committing an offense and that the Swiss therefore have no chance of the tying goal.

Wolverhampton Wanderers-Sevilla34 minutes ago

60 'A rare opportunity for Seville. Jordán, however, does not put his foot well against a low cross from Ocampos and sees the ball bump next to it. He should have done more with that and he knows it himself.

34 minutes ago

Shakhtar Donetsk-FC Basel37 minutes ago

The goal of Júnior Moraes seen from behind the goal. Whatever the FC Basel defenders try, they cannot prevent Shakhtar's striker from heading.

Wolverhampton Wanderers-Sevilla38 minutes ago

56 'In the Schauinsland-Reisen-Arena, caution is the order of the day. Both teams are mainly concerned with not losing this game, instead of winning the game. This mainly leads to a lot of physical duels, but not to great opportunities for both goals.

Shakhtar Donetsk-FC Basel41 minutes ago

56 'Basel comes out of the dressing room with offensive intentions. The Swiss will have to, otherwise the European adventure will be over in half an hour. For the time being it does not lead to big chances, but the second half takes place mainly on Shakhtar's half.

Wolverhampton Wanderers-Sevilla one hour ago

46 'Wolverhampton Wanderers and Sevilla also started the second half. Will we see goals in the next 45 minutes, or should an extension or even a penalty series be involved?

Shakhtar Donetsk-FC Baselone hour ago

46 'The ball rolls again at Shakhtar Donetsk-FC Basel. Can the Swiss still do something in the second half, or will the Ukrainians freewheel towards the semi-finals?

Wolverhampton Wanderers-Sevilla one hour ago

Sevilla coach Julen Lopetegui also has a Dutch trump card up his sleeve. Can Luuk de Jong break the spell for Sevilla against Wolverhampton Wanderers in the second half?

Shakhtar Donetsk-FC Baselone hour ago

The FC Basel bench gloomily watches as the eleven players in the field are tapped away by Shakhtar. Will coach Marcel Koller intervene in the second half by, for example, bringing Ricky van Wolfswinkel in?

Wolverhampton Wanderers-Sevilla one hour ago

Peace! The teams in Duisburg also have tea, but there it is a lot more balanced. Wolverhampton Wanderers and Sevilla do not score in the first 45 minutes. That is mainly the fault of Wolves striker Raúl Jiménez, because he misses a penalty.

Shakhtar Donetsk-FC Baselone hour ago

Peace! The rest signal sounds in Gelsenkirchen. Shakhtar Donetsk is well on his way to the semi-finals of the Europa League, because the team from Ukraine has little to fear from FC Basel and leads 2-0 halfway through goals from Júnior Moraes and Taison.

Shakhtar Donetsk-FC Baselone hour ago

The question is whether he will be credited with the goal, but Taison celebrates the 2-0 as if he had made it himself.

Shakhtar Donetsk-FC Baselone hour ago

A nightmare for Basel midfielder Fabian Frei. Taison's shot flies in via his knee, which means the 2-0 for Shakhtar.

Shakhtar Donetsk-FC Baselone hour ago

39 ' Lat Shakhtar! A beautifully placed shot from Marcos Antonio hits the crossbar. There, Shakhtar is very close to the early decision in this game, although the Ukrainians have little to fear from Basel so far.

Wolverhampton Wanderers-Sevilla one hour ago

37 'Sevilla cannot get through it at Wolves while playing and so Ocampos tries it from a distance. His shot, however, does not turn enough to the corner and goes a meter wide.

Wolverhampton Wanderers-Sevilla one hour ago

Adama Traoré is overturned in the penalty area by Diego Carlos. His attacking buddy Raúl Jiménez will miss the opportunity, however.

Wolverhampton Wanderers-Sevilla one hour ago

Wolves forward Raúl Jiménez rethinks his sins after missing a penalty. Especially the weak way in which he shot the penalty kick will cause the Mexican the necessary shame.

Wolverhampton Wanderers-Sevilla one hour ago

27 'For the first time, Sevilla reports threateningly near the Wolves goal. Suso sends En Nesyri away, but the Moroccan striker, who keeps Luuk de Jong on the couch, shoots past in a hurry.

Shakhtar Donetsk-FC Basel2 hours ago

22 'GOAL Shakhtar Donetsk! 2-0

Halfway through the first half, Shakhtar is on a roll. A bet from Taison is diverted by Fabian Frei in such a way that the ball ends up in the goal. The Brazilian still gets the goal to his name, but this seems to be the Swiss's own goal.

Shakhtar Donetsk-FC Basel2 hours ago

Júnior Moraes heads in the 1-0, partly because keeper Djordje Nikolic is hopelessly out of position.

Wolverhampton Wanderers-Sevilla 2 hours ago

13 ' Wolverhampton Wanderers miss penalty! For a striker like Jiménez, taking a penalty kick is generally not a problem, but not when it's taken as badly as this one. The striker's effort goes almost straight through the middle and is not too hard, which gives keeper Bono the chance to become the hero of Seville for the time being.

Wolverhampton Wanderers-Sevilla 2 hours ago

11 ' Penalty Wolverhampton Wanderers! Traoré passes Diego Carlos at speed, after which the defender pulls the emergency brake. The referee does not hesitate and places the ball on the dot.

Shakhtar Donetsk-FC Basel2 hours ago

Shakhtar striker Júnior Moraes walks away cheering after he has put the opening goal on the board.

Shakhtar Donetsk-FC Basel2 hours ago

Shakhtar was the last UEFA Cup winner before the tournament was renamed Europa League. In 2009, Werder Bremen was beaten 2-1 in Istanbul after an extension.

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