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Sevilla will be in the semifinals of the Europa League. He did not embroider football, but he endured the strong defense of Wolverhampton (0-1) without collapsing. Persistence, faith and a confidence that is proof of tight defenses, tinsel and fear of heights.

After Roma, football returned. The real one. The one to suffer. Sevilla started off imprecise, with a fractured midfield, shyness on the wings and En-Nesyri like a castaway waving at planes from her tropical island. The zero to zero of the rest was celebrated with dissimulation. It could be worst. In the 9th minute, Adama Traoré started with the ball at his feet and in three sparks he planted himself in front of the rival door. Nothing like it has been seen since Sonic in the Master System. The persecution of the defenders of Nervion was in vain. Diego Carlos finally arrived, late, badly and already in the area, and there he scraped the ankle of the Catalan winger. Orsato did not doubt, yellow and penalty. Raúl Jiménez was in charge of throwing it away. He took a run and hopped closer to the ball, hoping that Bonoexpired to throw it to the other side. The Moroccan was made of lead; tacos to the lime line and snow pulse. The Mexican, fed up with waiting, finally shot to his right, not too corner, not too strong, and Bono arrived comfortable and with two hands to scare away the goal.

The error encouraged the Sevilla fans. On the next play Suso tested Rui Patricio from afar. The ghost of the missed penalty quickened the hearts of the whites and reds. Los Lobos, with a system that populated the center of the field and withdrew quickly avoiding the rival association, limited themselves to waiting. Containment and pragmatism. In the 25th, a deep pass from Banega, which En-Nesyri crossed in excess, served to reveal some of Nuno's weaknesses: massive defense, but slow and somewhat disorganized.

Banega, wearing a sticker called Dendoncker , his personal marker, was uncomfortable. The Argentine was constantly moving around the field, like a feverish patient who changes position in bed. Jordán, in the absence of the helmsman, did not take over the ship. Wolverhampton pressed in the medullary, waiting for the magic of the rival to explain their tricks. They just snorted if the ball was far away and snorted if it was close. The meeting was right where they wanted it.

Banega's gift

Ocampos kept the team alive at the top and Koundé kept the team back. In the middle, a raft. None of the coaches moved the bench for the restart. Sevilla came out better, each time approaching the lupine area with more danger. With centers and eslálones on the sides, they were hooking the orange ones. Suso, who went unnoticed against Roma, was the best during these first minutes of the second half. Neto came in to stretch the field and encourage the Wolves' neglected attack. A foul launched by Banega in 76, saved by the goalkeeper with a wonderful flight, was the best chance for Lopetegui's men , who postponed the substitutions by chewing extra time.

Finally, after dessert, De Jong and Mudo Vázquez entered. Centimeters for an aerial and desperate finish. And that's how Sevilla won their game, after minutes of struggle, after a transparent siege: bypass. Mocking the English wall. Fighting with other people's weapons. Suso took a strange corner. He searched for Banega instead of hanging her in the area. The Argentine received, he thought and put it on the head of Ocampos , who jumped, turned his neck and put the ball in the net. An award for the perseverance of a team condemned to dream.

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