After a debut in Damkronorna at the age of 14, Emma Eliasson's national team career ended prematurely at the age of 28. After a public and infected quarrel with the national team management, the hill chose to leave the women's crowns, a decision she tells about in today's "Summer in P1".

- My last year as a hockey player went from being about achievement, successes and awards to conflicts, betrayal and a lost place in the national team. Of course it hurts that I lost many of my closest friends when we went different ways in the conflict with the national team management, it came between us and I miss what we had, says Emma Eliasson.

"Feedback was basically non-existent"

A large part of the conflict was the notorious letter that was written and signed by 14 players in the women's crowns. A letter criticizing the Swedish Ice Hockey Association's handling of the women's national team, something which according to Emma Eliasson was received by deaf ears.

- That email and that criticism never led to any real change, we never got our meeting and the feedback was basically non-existent. However, many of the girls have told me that they were called one by one by the Swedish Ice Hockey Association. I do not blame them for choosing to stay in the national team before the Olympics in Pyeongchang. For my part, there was never a call from either the coach or the association, but via the media I was told that I was no longer in the national team squad.

Despite the fact that her career ended at the age of only 28, Emma Eliasson managed to win Olympic silver, World Cup bronze, one Swedish Championship gold and four Swedish Championship silver. After games in Modo, Brynäs and Munksund-Skuthamn, Eliasson as captain had to raise a huge SM dent in 2016 with Luleå.

SVT Sport has applied for former national team captain Leif Boork.

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