China News Service, August 10th. In the early morning of the 10th Beijing time, "Rocket" O'Sullivan defeated Chinese player Ding Junhui in the second round of the 2020 Snooker World Championships and successfully advanced to the top 8. In an interview after the game, O'Sullivan not only looked forward to the next game, but also expressed his personal views on today's young players.

O'Sullivan in the game. Image Credit: Benjamin Mole/WST

  In the quarter-finals, O'Sullivan will face Mark Williams, ranked third in the world. Speaking of this strong dialogue, O'Sullivan is confident: "According to the current state, I may bring him challenges, but I don't care so much now, I only care about being able to play games. And I also I am very good at separating life from games and treating games as a kind of fun. In addition to snooker, there are many more important things in my life. I think this is the case for everyone. I should enjoy playing ball as a kind of fun. "

  Immediately afterwards, O'Sullivan began to comment on current young players. He believed that the level of young players was "too amateur." "Look at me, Williams and Higgins, the level of young players is really not high now. Most of them can only be regarded as high-level amateur players."

  "I think they are too bad, even if I lack arms or legs, it is difficult to fall out of the top 50. This is probably the reason why we people can have the current results." O'Sullivan added. (Finish)