Koshien High School Baseball Exchange Game Day 2 Highlights August 11th 7:07

Three high school baseball exchange games are held at Koshien Stadium on the second day, the 11th.

Game 1 Tenri (Nara) x Hiroshima Shinjo (Hiroshima)

Tenri High School in Nara and Hiroshima Shinjo High School will play the first match.

Tenri has a strong batting lineup, and last fall recorded 20 home runs, the highest number of teams participating in exchange games in 12 official games.

Hiroshima Shinjo is centered around a 140-kilometer pitcher Shunki Akita and a second-year pitcher Kyohei Akiyama, who is a well-controlled pitcher, and the left pitcher is the key.

Second match Soseikan (Nagasaki) × Hirata (Shimane)

Soseikan High School in Nagasaki and Hirata High School in Shimane will play the second match.

Both have a good defense, Soseikan has only one error in the official game of last autumn's 9 games, Hirata who had decided to participate in the 21st century frame changed the defense position by predicting the batting direction by batters and pitching. I will.

Game 3 Meiho (Oita) × Gifu Prefecture Prefecture (Gifu)

In the third match, Oita Meitoho High School will compete with Gifu Commerce Prefectural Government.

Meitoho is a team that has strong pitching skills, and Ace Wakasugi, pitcher of the ace who pitched in four games last year at Sembats, has a straight and slider of 140 kg.

Prefectural Gifu Commerce is paying attention to Koshimoto's first participation in Koshien, led by Kakuya Takumi, who led Kakumoto's Shugakukan High School to the Koshien Best Four for three consecutive seasons.