Koshien Exchange Match Opened "Players will fight through to the end" Oath [Full text] 10:35, August 10

The exchange game was started in which 32 schools that had decided to participate in this year's Senbatsu High School Baseball were invited to the Koshien Stadium, and each of them played one game at a time.

The exchange match will be held as a remedy for the 32 schools that had decided to participate in the Senbatsu tournament due to the suspension of the Japan High School Baseball Federation, and each school will play one game at the Koshien Stadium.

The opening ceremony will be held at Koshien Stadium after 9am, and due to measures against the infection of the new coronavirus, there will be no entrance march by the whole school like in the usual spring and summer competitions, and Oita Commercial will participate in the first match. Only the players of Saitama Hanasaki Tokuei High School lined up on the ground at regular intervals.

The other participating schools were introduced in the form of displaying a group photo on a large stadium vision. After this, Eiji Hatta, Chairman of the Japan Takano Federation, said, “The day has come to fulfill the promise that we would like to set foot on the soil of Koshien in an unprecedented attempt for the organizer. ".

The player oath was signed by two captains, Oita Commercial Kento Kawase and Norihana Hanasaki Tomoya Inoue, saying, ``Under severe and uncertain circumstances such as the battle with the new coronavirus and the frequent heavy rain disasters. But once again I found hope and came here without giving up. What we can do right now is to do the best to pursue one ball, and to give many people the courage and vitality for tomorrow. With the responsibility of the chosen team, I will fight to the end with all my heart."

Exchange games will be held for 6 days, 3 days from 10th and 3 days from 15th.

Player oath [full text]

The player oath was performed by two captains, Kento Kawase of Oita Commercial and Tomoya Inoue of Tokuei Hanasaki High School, who will compete in the first match.

At the beginning, Kawase of Oita Shoji said,
“We are high school baseball players, aiming to stand on the dream stage “Koshien” and have been working hard together with their friends to train their mind, skill and body.
Fighting the new coronavirus, If you are living in a large scale under the recovery and reconstruction of severe anxiety, such as status from the heavy rain disaster that overlaps each time you folded a lot also.
own tournament of prefectures in which such social anxiety is, and, this 2020 By hosting the Koshien High School Baseball Exchange Match, we were able to find hope again and come to this point without giving up."

Continuing on, Inoue of Noriei Hanasaki said,
"Each effort saves everyone, saves the area, and creates a new Japan.
"Creation, Challenge, Impression".
What we can do now is to pursue one ball It is our best play.
held and AC game, have a feeling of gratitude to everyone that who have day-to-day hard to support life, the life, the beginning of the disaster has been people, given the courage and vitality of tomorrow in many everyone I will take responsibility for the chosen team so that I will be able to be done.” At the
end, the two people voiced together
and vowed strongly that “I vow to fight through to the end”.