China News Agency, Beijing, August 10 (Reporter Wang Zumin) The 2019-2020 season of the CBA League will play the finals on the evening of the 11th. The two championship teams Guangdong and Liaoning will compete for this special season. King of Glory".

  In the CBA Finals, the two teams met only once. In the 2007-2008 season, the Liaoning team returned to the finals after 9 years. At that time, Yi Jianlian was playing in the NBA. The Guangdong team won with a total score of 4:1 and won the CBA championship trophy for the fourth time in 5 years. However, in the most recent playoff match between the two teams, the Liaoning team had the last laugh-in the semifinals of the 2017-2018 season, the Liaoning team also scored 4:1 with a total score of 4:1, and won the first place in team history that season. A championship honor.

  Judging from the performance of this season's regular season, the Guangdong team can be called the best. With a score of 44 wins and 2 losses, they created the team's highest winning percentage (95.6%) in a single season, and set a record for the longest winning streak in a single season with 29 consecutive victories. They won the regular season championship 7 rounds ahead of schedule. However, the Liaoning team experienced ups and downs in the regular season. They ranked third after Guangdong and Xinjiang in the 30-round strike before the quarter-finals, but fell all the way after the start of the quarter-finals. In the first stage, they had 7 matches, 3 wins and 4 losses, and their ranking dropped to number one. Seven. Just when the outside world believed that it would withdraw from the championship, the Liaoning team emerged again, with 9 wins in the second stage, and returned to the top three in the final round of the regular season.

  Judging from the process and results of the playoffs, the Liaoning team has the upper hand. If it is reasonable to say that in the quarter-finals, the Liaoning team defeated the Zhejiang team 127:123, it swept the second-ranked Xinjiang team in the regular season with a total score of 2:0 in the semi-finals, which is somewhat unexpected. . Although the Guangdong team defeated the Beijing team with a total score of 2:1 in the semifinals, the process was extremely dangerous. The first two games Yi Jianlian missed due to injury, Guangdong team fell behind by 19 points in the first game in the fourth quarter, and finally won by two points after overtime (111:109), and lost 4 points in the second game (86:90). Yi Jianlian came back in the final battle, and the difference between the two sides was only 3 points (88:85).

  More importantly, the difficult process of eliminating the Beijing team also allowed the Guangdong team, which was previously "unsurpassable", to step down from the "sacred altar", allowing the Liaoning team to increase their confidence in winning. At the same time, because of these three fierce battles, the Guangdong team consumes relatively large amounts of physical strength and energy. In terms of recovery and preparation time, it is also one day less than the Liaoning team, which was promoted one round earlier.

  Judging from the lineup, the Guangdong team has an advantage inside, but Yi Jianlian's injury has become the biggest variable. At present, Yi Jianlian has not healed from his injury. How long he can play in the finals and how much he can play will determine the direction of the game to a certain extent. On the back line, the Liaoning team is even better. Guo Ailun and Zhao Jiwei are both domestic top defenders, and young player Gao Shiyan has gradually become a useful talent. The Guangdong team’s guard line is led by the national player Zhao Rui, but Xu Jie and Hu Mingxuan still need to be tempered; in terms of foreign aid, the Guangdong team Wims and the Liaoning team Mayo can be considered equal. However, there are media reports that Ma Shang, the foreign aid of the Guangdong team who was diagnosed with asymptomatic infection of the new crown pneumonia on July 19, has tested negative for several consecutive nucleic acid tests and has passed the isolation period and is expected to play in the finals. If so, the Guangdong team will add another important weight to the championship.

  In terms of experience and psychological quality in the finals, the Guangdong team has obvious advantages. The Guangdong team, which has reached the finals 15 times, has won the championship 9 times, surpassing the "eight-time champion" Bayi team to become the team with the most CBA championships; the Liaoning team entered the finals for the eighth time, but was in the top 7 In the second peak matchup, only one championship was won. In the three fierce battles with the Beijing team, the mentality of the Guangdong players has been the best tempered, especially in the first match to achieve a major comeback under almost impossible circumstances, which proves the indomitable "championship" of the Guangdong team.

  In summary, the Guangdong team has a greater chance of winning. However, due to the impact of the epidemic this season, the schedule has been compressed, and the finals have returned from the seven-game four-win system to the original three-game two-win system. The compression of the number of games will undoubtedly magnify the accidental factors of the game and the suspense of the outcome of the game. Whether it is the tenth time the Guangdong team won the championship or the second time the Liaoning team wore the championship ring, it is all expected, but the fans hope to see that this suspense will be solved in a more exciting way. (Finish)