Chinanews client, Beijing, August 9th (Li He) Beijing Shougang was eliminated in the semi-finals of the playoffs, and Jeremy Lin completed his first season in the CBA. After the final whistle sounded, Jeremy Lin lowered his head with his hands on his knees, then raised his face with an expression of unwillingness. This became the last shot he stayed in the CBA this season. The question that followed was, will this be Jeremy Lin’s CBA curtain call?

  A forcible miss of a long three-pointer failed to bring the Shougang team back from the edge of being eliminated, and failed to extend his CBA first season. Jeremy Lin completed his first season of landing in CBA. Although this season's CBA league is not over yet, at the moment of being out, discussions about Jeremy Lin's future have been put on the agenda.

  Although the Beijing Shougang Club did not announce the details of the contract when it announced Jeremy Lin’s joining, according to the CBA League’s adjustments to foreign aid policies in recent years, from the 2018-2019 season, newly signed foreign aids can only get a one-year contract. Jeremy Lin belongs to this category. Therefore, as a rule, after the end of the season, both Beijing Shougang and Jeremy Lin are facing a new choice.

  In terms of record, the record of Beijing Shougang, which reached the semi-finals, is even better than last year. In the series against the defending champion Guangdong team, they also played back and forth with their opponents. The score difference in the three games did not exceed 4 points. .

  Outside the stadium, Jeremy Lin became an idol for the whole people. Almost everywhere he went, he was "anti-customer-oriented" and was sought after by fans. And Beijing Shougang's home attendance this season is also visible to the naked eye. It can be said that Beijing Shougang, who owns Jeremy Lin, also has the attention of fans in the forefront of the CBA League.

Data map: The picture shows the 2019 CBA All-Star North District star team players Guo Ailun (first from left), Jeremy Lin (middle), and Zhai Xiaochuan (second from right) taking a group photo from the sidelines. Photo by China News Agency reporter Chen Jimin

  In addition, after the CBA League was interrupted due to the epidemic, most of the rematches were not attended by fans, which further compressed the team and the market's pursuit of Jeremy Lin. Therefore, the cooperation between Beijing Shougang and Jeremy Lin is worth continuing whether it is from a business perspective or in terms of maintaining fans.

  However, there are two points. As a team that has emerged from Marbury's 3 crown era in 4 years, Beijing Shougang is not only chasing commercial results. Qin Xiaowen, the general manager of the club, has made a three-year title contest since the beginning of his appointment. Now it's just the third year, in terms of "winning the championship", the team's performance is considered a pass.

  However, putting the evaluation criteria in a longer time frame, it seems that the results obtained are not satisfactory.

  In the past three years of the "post-Marbury era", although the Beijing Shougang team entered the playoffs every year, they did not go too far.

Data map: In the fourth round of the quarterfinals of the 2018-2019 China Men's Basketball Professional League (CBA) playoffs, Beijing Shougang lost 83-94 at home to Shenzhen Marco Polo, and the total score of the two sides became 2 2 level. The picture shows Fang Shuo (middle) of Beijing Shougang team's breakthrough blocked. Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

  In 2018, they lost 1:3 to Liaoning in the quarter-finals, and the three losses were within 4 points. In the 2019 playoffs, Beijing Shougang once again stopped the quarter-finals, and they scored 2:0. Under the situation of the opponents, they suffered a strong reversal, and finally ranked fifth; and this season, after Jeremy Lin joined, they lost in the semi-finals with the Guangdong team, the difference between the three games did not exceed 4 points.

  In the past three years, although Beijing Shougang's ranking has been improving, they seem to be performing the same plot every year. In the final analysis, after losing Marbury, they have never been able to find the next person who can make a final decision at a critical moment and influence the situation of the battle.

  The playoff series is like this, often one or two rounds of success or failure can determine the outcome of a game, and the outcome of a game often can determine the direction and outcome of a series.

Data map: Jeremy Lin in the game. Photo by Wei Liang

  In the CBA game environment, it is often the small foreign aid of the team that takes the responsibility at the critical moment. In the post-Marbury era, Beijing Shougang's small foreign aid, whether it is Aaron Jackson or this year's Jeremy Lin, is clearly below the average level of CBA foreign aid in this ability.

  In the match between Shougang and Guangdong on the evening of the 8th, when the Guangdong team Yi Jianlian and Wilms successively scored points for the team, the fiercest firepower on Beijing Shougang was Zhai Xiaochuan. Looking at the entire season, Jeremy Lin’s dominance at critical moments has been criticized, and throughout his career, Jeremy Lin is not a player who "eats" by attacking.

  In the regular season, Jeremy Lin’s tandem restraint was enough to bring the team to the forefront of the league, but in the playoffs, Jeremy Lin’s certainty and determination in key rounds still seemed not the answer Beijing Shougang was looking for.

  This point, when they chose to cooperate in the first season, presumably both sides knew it well.

Beijing Shougang men's basketball team will usher in a lot of changes in the summer. Photo by China News Agency reporter Zhang Xinglong

  But this does not mean that the fate of the two parties is over. There are various signs that this summer is destined to be busy for Beijing Shougang. From the coach to the team lineup will undergo changes, and whether it can upgrade or maintain its current competitiveness has become unknown. Under such circumstances, retaining Jeremy Lin also means retaining the minimum attention and record guarantee.

  As for Jeremy Lin, after signing a three-year contract with a domestic sports brand, his focus will definitely remain in the Chinese market within a short period of time. This also requires him to maintain a minimum exposure, and staying in Beijing is what it seems to be so far. Optimal solution. Even if not, I believe that there are many teams interested in him.

  At the same time, the reforming CBA alliance also needs a "golden sign" like Jeremy Lin. In this way, Jeremy Lin's CBA first season ended, but with a high probability, his CBA career will continue. (Finish)