The first stage of the 2019/2020 CBA semifinal match scene. Image source: Visual China client, Beijing, August 9th (Wang Hao) A fierce to suffocating match, with the referee's final whistle, the outcome was decided. On the evening of the 8th, in the semi-finals of the CBA playoffs, the Guangdong Men's Basketball team defeated Beijing Shougang 88:85 and eliminated their opponents 2:1 to advance to the finals. Prior to this, Liaoning had eliminated Xinjiang and waited for its opponents in the finals.

  In this special season, after the rematch, almost all CBA teams encountered problems of varying degrees. There are winners and losers in the game, but the teams that do their best are not losers.

  In the third game between Guangdong and Beijing, Yi Jianlian, who had missed the first two games due to a thigh strain, returned and scored 18 points and 14 rebounds. Although the impact of injuries on him can still be seen in the game, his role is the team's pinnacle.

Data map: Yi Jianlian (blue) and Jeremy Lin (white) in the game. Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

  After the rematch, the Guangdong team, with only one foreign aid left by Wilms, once showed terrifying dominance, but always had bad luck at critical moments. On the premise of meeting the epidemic prevention regulations, Guangdong received another foreign aid Ma Shang, but Ma Shang was diagnosed with the new crown virus.

  In the last round of the game against Qingdao, Yi Jianlian accidentally strained his thigh, which dealt a heavy blow to the team. In the first game of the semi-final against Beijing, Guangdong, lacking Yi Jianlian, dragged the game into overtime to complete a major reversal with a maximum of 19 points behind in the fourth quarter. This hard-won victory also spelled time for Yi Jianlian's comeback.

  Although the young people in the Guangdong team still have many shortcomings, their hard work in the first two games gave Yi Jianlian more time to recover.

Data map: Beijing Shougang player Lin Shuhao (blue) layup with the ball during the game. Photo by Wei Liang

  Regrettably, Beijing has gradually shown its strength in the final stages of the playoffs. They are one of the few teams without any foreign players absent after the rematch, but many people may have overlooked it. The team's foreign teacher Yannis failed to return to the team, and Xie Libin could only serve as the interim head coach.

  The importance of the coach to the team is self-evident. Although Xie Libin's on-the-spot command still needs to be sharpened, Beijing's tactical execution ability is beyond the ordinary team, showing a suffocating defensive strength in this series. In two of the three games, Guangdong’s scoring was limited to less than 90 points by Beijing. It is important to know that Guangdong’s average scoring in the regular season this season is as high as 121 points, ranking first in the league.

  After being reversed by Guangdong in the first game, many people believed that Beijing would be swept away. But they withstood the pressure in the second game and dragged the series to the third game. In the end, they regretted losing by a three-pointer, ending their entire journey this season.

  In the post-Marbury era, after several low seasons, the Shougang men's basketball team once again demonstrated their aggressiveness during the four-year triple crown. Although it is regrettable to lose to Guangdong, Beijing is definitely a respectable opponent, and in the next few years, it will also be a powerful attacker for the championship.

Data map: June 20, Qingdao, Shandong, the first stage of the 19/20 CBA semifinals, Beijing Shougang vs Liaoning Hengye. The picture shows Beijing Shougang player Lin Shuhao (white) defending Liaoning Hengye player Guo Ailun (first right). Image source: Visual China

  If the time is set aside one and a half months ago, some people say that Liaoning will advance to the finals and impact the championship, maybe few people will believe it. Because in the initial stage of the rematch, the performance of the Liaoning team can be described as "bad".

  The two foreign aids in the original team were unable to return to the team, and the temporarily signed foreign aid Mayo and the team needed time to get in touch. Successive defeats depressed the team's morale. In the end, Liaoning's meritorious coach Guo Shiqiang dismissed get out of class sadly.

  But as this team has shown in history, they have failed again and again, but never gave up their desire for a championship. Liaoning showed amazing adjustment ability at the end of the regular season, and the state is getting better and better. But when the team was gradually returning to the right track, Li Xiaoxu, who had just returned soon, suffered severe ligament damage and missed the rest of the season.

  The Liaoning men's basketball team, whose striker was hit hard, swept the Xinjiang men's basketball team 2-0 in the semifinals, and reported their revenge in the semifinals last year. During the game, the once confident and passionate Liaoning men's basketball team returned to the game.

Data map: On December 25, 2019, the Beijing team played against the Xinjiang team at home. Photo by Chinanews reporter Li Jun

  Although Xinjiang failed to win a game in the semifinals, they should never be blamed for it. This season, Zhou Qi's return to Xinjiang, which originally had the ability to break the wrist with the full lineup of Guangdong, suffered a large-scale injury. Before the league was suspended due to the epidemic, Abdul Saramu had already been reimbursed for the season.

  After the rematch, Xinjiang’s foreign players were unable to return to the team. The temporarily signed firefighting foreign aid Grover could not keep up with the rhythm of the CBA, so that in the playoffs to play in the Chinese class, they are the only one in the semifinals without foreign aid. team.

  To make matters worse, Zeng Lingxu's accidental injury caused Xinjiang to face a situation where almost no one has a back line in the semifinals. Under the impact of the Liaoning back line, they had no choice but to lose. In the second game of the semi-final, Zeng Lingxu took painkillers and dragged his injured leg to the court. Although he still failed to win, the Xinjiang boys could walk out of the court with their heads high.

Data map: On June 20, 151 days later, the 2019-2020 season China Men's Basketball Professional League (CBA) officially restarted. The picture shows Nanjing Tongxi vs Zhejiang Guangsha, paying tribute to medical staff before the game. Image source: Visual China

  Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the CBA was temporarily suspended for about 5 months this season, which made the schedule after the rematch had to be compressed, which increased the player's injury risk to a certain extent. The epidemic has prevented many teams from returning, and many teams are facing an incomplete lineup.

  But under these difficulties, many teams still have wonderful performances, and some players even played the best performance of their careers. After the rematch, the CBA has become the hottest event in the domestic sports league. This is inseparable from the efforts of the league and the persistence of the teams and players after overcoming difficulties.

  Looking forward to the upcoming finals, the two teams in Guangdong and Liaoning have historical origins. They have met in the playoffs many times and have won each other's wins. This matchup is also their first time in the finals after 12 years. Meet. I look forward to their wonderful performance in the finals and draw a successful end to this season's CBA! (Finish)