China News Service, August 9th. After losing to the Guangdong Men's Basketball Team on the evening of the 8th and stopping the CBA playoff semi-finals, the Beijing Men's Basketball Team also ended all the journey of the season. At noon today, the Beijing team's foreign aid Jeremy Lin made a long statement frankly that such a defeat was heartbreaking.

  "Sorry, I had too much emotion yesterday, I don't know what to say... I didn't sleep all night," Jeremy Lin wrote. "Frankly speaking, such a loss is heartbreaking. It really hurts. I want to be God this season. , The fans, Beijing and all those who helped and supported us won the victory."

  Jeremy Lin said that the Beijing Men's Basketball Team has done its best this season. When the epidemic occurred, the team did not waste a day. Although I don't know when or whether the season will restart every day, I work hard every day to train, prepare, and maintain my state.

  Jeremy Lin said that during that time, he learned from the setbacks in his past career and became more psychologically stronger. At the same time, he also got rid of the shadow of past injuries, put down his burdens, and reshaped himself.

  Although the Beijing team failed to make the finals, Jeremy Lin said that this season is very valuable to him, "This process, what the team taught me throughout the process and the way we grew up, is anything. Precious wealth that can't be exchanged."

  In the end, Jeremy Lin also expressed his gratitude to the club, teammates and fans, "I do not regret it. Thank my teammates for their all-out efforts, tolerating me, accepting me, and for their efforts and sacrifices to play with me. I want to Thank you so much to the fans, no matter which city I am in, you always follow me and support me. I have learned a lot this year. Thank you so much and love you forever.” (End)