Athletes said that the team in the 2020-2021 season will be better .. and they confirm:

7 factors that make Sharjah a strong contender for the League Shield

One of the Sharjah team’s preparations for the new season. From the source

Athletes expected that the Sharjah team in the next season 2020-2021 will be stronger and better than the 2018-2019 season, which saw it win the Arabian Gulf League shield title after a long absence from the coronation podiums, referring this to what they described as several factors, most notably the serious preparation for the new season and stability The technical and administrative team in the team, the new polarizations of the players, and the strengthening of the bench, in addition to the presence of the previous elements, such as Igor Kornado, who represents the icon of the team, as well as the Uzbek player Chukurov, and the rest of the elements of the citizen players, in addition to the great challenge faced by Sharjah in the need to continue reaping Championships and not retreating back, as well as the strong moral support that the team continued to enjoy from the fans, and solving the administrative problems that the club suffered in the last season, and caused a decline in its results in the league, stressing that Sharjah will compete strongly for the league title next season, despite The team still only lacks the presence of the striking striker, after the departure of its former player, Wilton Swords, to Al Wasl.

They told «Emirates Today»: «Sharjah when he achieved the title of the league championship was dependent only on 14 players without a bench, but he currently has a strong bench of players, through the recent polarizations that took place by the club's management».

Finally, Sharjah strengthened its ranks with a number of elements, most notably former Al Dhafra player Khaled Bawazeer, Al-Wahda player Khaled Al-Dhanhani, and former Hatta goalkeeper Darwish Muhammad.

Sharjah won the league title in the 2018-2019 season, while it finished the canceled season in fifth place with 35 points, behind each of the Al-Ahly youth teams, Al-Ain, Al-Jazira and Al-Wehda.

For his part, the former coach of the reserve team in Sharjah, Abdul Majeed Al-Nimr, confirmed that he expects Sharjah to continue to compete strongly for championships, especially with the state of stability in the ranks of the team, in addition to the polarizations that took place through the support of the team with distinguished players, in order to strengthen some centers that needed To be strengthened, as the team has all the factors of strength, although it still lacks only a top scorer, considering that the team currently needs the continuation of the Brazilian player Caio Lucas, after the departure of its former player Ryan Mendes to victory, as they play in the same position. He added: “Although Sharjah won the league title in the 2018-2019 season, in my estimation it will be better and stronger in the 2020-2021 season, since the team was dependent when it won the league championship on 14 players, and last season had a clear defect. Due to the absence of essential elements, including Igor and Saif Rashid, due to injury, but now the options are more in front of the team with the presence of a strong bench.

Al-Nimr pointed out that «Sharjah faced some difficulties last season, which was the injury of Igor Kornado, and I expect that he will return to his previous level, if not better than him, in addition to that last season Shukurov did not return with his previous strength, due to the injury he had also suffered. », Pointing out that because of the injuries the team suffered, the coach

Abdulaziz Al-Anbari used to have to seek the help of players other than their positions in some kind of solutions, but the team now has more, through the polarizations that took place with the inclusion of Khaled Al-Dhanhani and Khaled Bawazeer, as well as the return of Saif Rashid from injury, and the return of the team player Youssef Saeed, who returned thirsty to play .

In turn, a member of the Board of Directors of Dibba Fujairah Club, the director of the first team, Jumah Al-Abdouli, confirmed that he expects through the work that the club has done in the past period, and after winning the league championship the season before last, that Sharjah will not go backwards, but rather continue to compete on Tournaments, with traditional teams competing for championships.

Al-Abdouli added, "I expect that Sharjah will be at the center of the competition for the league championship next season, and although I do not interfere in the team's work, last season Sharjah missed the top scorer, and this matter was differentiating with the team."

A member of the Football Association's Competitions Committee, Khaled Awad, said that Sharjah has become after the great boom he witnessed in the last period and headed to winning the league title the season before last. He has many challenges that make him compete strongly for tournaments in order to prove his presence, especially as he enters the season The new champion of the league season before last.

He pointed out that there are many factors that make Sharjah the first candidate to compete for the league title, in addition to his seriousness, distinguished preparations and attracting distinguished new players, the change of the board of directors that affects his presence morally in the team, as well as the presence of the Sharjah fans known for their great support for his team.

He added, "I expect that next season will be an exceptional season for Sharjah."

Awad referred to the problems and circumstances that the team went through last season, especially with regard to the instability in the administrative side, which formed the gap and the biggest weakness of the team, and this matter was solved with the presence of a new management, considering that Sharjah’s interest gives other clubs, especially those with fortunes. In the competition for the league, there is a great incentive to strive hard and compete for the league championship.

The 7 factors

1- Preparing seriously for the new season.

2- Technical and administrative stability.

3- The new polarizations of the players, as well as the presence of previous elements with the restoration of Igor to his previous level.

4- Strengthening the bench.

5- Solving the administrative problems that caused the team's results to decline last season.

6- The big challenge facing Sharjah, with the necessity to continue winning the championships.

7 - the great moral support that the team receives from its fans.

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