, August 8th. The 2020 World Snooker Championships will continue to compete for the second round of the main match in the early morning of the 8th Beijing time. For many Chinese fans, the most concerned game is the "District Olympics". At the end of the first eight rounds that day, Chinese player Ding Junhui shared a tie with Rocket O'Sullivan 4:4. And the teenager Yan Bingtao, who was born in 2000, was crushed in the late stage to chase points and lost 11:13 to defending champion Trump and stopped in the round of 16.

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  Ding Ao never lacked points to watch in the duel. In the first round, Ding Junhui and "Bald Killer" Mark King got into a tough battle, and finally advanced with a thrilling 10:9. O'Sullivan quickly defeated Thai player Tachaia 10:1. However, the performance of the two in the first round cannot dominate the trajectory of the game. Both sides displayed their own characteristics in the first stage, and each had offense and defense, back and forth.

Image Credit: Benjamin Mole/WST

  In the first game, O'Sullivan simply won the goal 100:1. However, Ding Junhui has not weakened his momentum. In the next three games, he created opportunities through defense in a row, winning three consecutive cities.

  After the adjustment of the intermission, O'Sullivan's game state has returned, and when he returned to the game, he also "returned" Ding Junhui by scoring three consecutive game points. In the final game of the first stage, Ding Junhui caught O'Sullivan's mistake in the middle and cleared the table. O'Sullivan saw his opponent over-scoring and gave up directly. The score between the two sides came to 4:4. The second round confrontation between the two will be held at 21:30 on the 8th Beijing time.

Image Credit: Benjamin Mole/WST

  In the match between Yan Bingtao and Trump, the Chinese teenager had a chance to win. In the first stage, taking advantage of Trump's state of struggling, only two strokes of 50+ single stroke performance, Yan Bingtao shot a break 100 and two strokes 90 +, once leading 5:3. However, in the second stage, Trump had a three-shot 70+ winning streak for 6 rounds. Yan Bingtao could only rely on one shot with 89 points to chase two consecutive rounds to reduce losses, falling behind 7:9.

  In the third stage, the two even split the first two games. Yan Bingtao was expected to tie the score after winning the third game, but he missed the last difficult coffee ball and Trump led by 11:9. Yan Bingtao continued to chase with 94 points on a single stroke, but in the 22nd inning a 52-minute tug of war with Trump, his opponent finally got the match point.

  130 points in a single stroke made the decisive game possible, but Yan Bingtao lost the COSCO Taiwan red ball in the 24th inning, and Trump started to hit his only and winning shot in the whole game-127 points to seal the victory. This is his 101st break of the 100th this season, and is expected to break Neil Robertson's record of 103 in the 2013-14 season.

  The defending champion has not returned to the excellent state of six championships in a single season before the suspension since he resumed work. Fortunately, he finally won and can continue to adjust his state in the quarter-finals. His top 8 opponents will be produced between Karen Wilson and Martin Gould. (Finish)