Gymnastics Men's 17-year-old Kitazono Enthusiasm for the Tokyo Olympics Aug. 8 21:19

A gymnast boy, 17-year-old Takeaki Kitazono, who won five gold medals at the Ototoshi Youth Olympic Games, announced his practice in Osaka city and said, ``I want to win the national high school tournament in October and connect to the target Tokyo Olympics. "I talked about my enthusiasm for the Tokyo Olympics next year.

At the Youth Olympics held in Argentina, Kitazono, who is a third-year student at Seifu High School, is aiming to become the first national team at the Tokyo Olympics next year by winning gold medals in individual and four disciplines.

On the 8th, we practiced at a high school gym in Osaka city.

Mr. Kitazono said that he could not practice for more than a month due to the spread of the new coronavirus, and he did not improve immediately after resuming practice in June, but on the 8th it is important I repeatedly tried jumping the difficult "Lopez" with the "leap horse" that I was working on, and let me know the good condition.

Furthermore, last year's "Bar" showed a good adjustment for the tournament held in October on behalf of the canceled national high school as a whole, such as deciding the "Cassina" of G difficulty just learned.

Kitaozono revealed that he was challenging many new tricks, and then practiced even more difficult tricks, saying, "I want to introduce new tricks in all six categories. I want to incorporate Lee Johnson of G difficulty in Yuka." I made it clear.

He said, "I am moving almost perfectly now. I want to win the overall high school national tournament in October by winning individual and group competitions to reach the goal of the Tokyo Olympics."

Also, after graduating from high school in March next year, Kitazono will belong to the Tokushu Gymnastics Club, which is supervised by Isao Yoneda, a gold medalist for the Athens Olympic men's group.

Isao Yoneda "To be a representative of the sports world"

Director Isao Yoneda, who will be instructed at the Tokushu Kai Gymnastics Club to which Takeshi Kitazono will belong from April next year, said, “I am very pleased to welcome Kitazono who has been active in the world such as the Youth Olympics. I want to grow Kitazono's power towards the goal while learning."

“I'm not a dexterous athlete, but I think that one of the strengths is that I can go straight to the goal without being shaken. Not only for the goal of the Tokyo Olympic Games, but for Kitazono, not only the gymnastics world I want to be a player that represents the world and I want to do my best to contribute to it."