China News Service, August 8th. CBA Guangzhou Longshi Club announced through social media on the morning of the 8th that the club has signed a contract with former Liao basketball coach Guo Shiqiang, and he will be the head coach of Times China Guangzhou team from now on. Soon after the CBA rematch, Guo Shiqiang resigned as the coach of the Liaoning Men's Basketball Team. After learning that the meritorious coach had found a new team, the Liaoning Basketball Team also sent blessings and thanks for the first time.

Picture source: Guangzhou Dragon Lion Club official micro

  The Guangzhou Men’s Basketball team wrote in the announcement: “Ding Wei, the former head coach of the Long Lions Basketball Club, has expired and no longer holds relevant positions. During the coaching period, Coach Ding Wei has put in hard work and great efforts for the team, and he expresses his sincere heart to the club. Thank you and wish Ding Wei all the best in his future work and life! At present, the club has signed a contract with coach Guo Shiqiang. From now on, he will be the head coach of Times China Guangzhou team."

  In the announcement, the Guangzhou team also issued a speech about the appointment of the new coach. Guo Shiqiang said: "I am very happy to join the Dragon Lions Basketball Club and lead this young and energetic team to the CBA League. For me, this is also a new challenge for my personal coaching career. I will do my best to bring the challenge. The pressure that comes has been transformed into a driving force to keep moving forward. Let’s cheer with the club and move forward without fear!"

  The Guangzhou Men's Basketball team also recognized Guo Shiqiang's coaching experience and ability in the announcement. "In his more than ten years of coaching career, Guo Shiqiang has rich experience and outstanding results. He led the Liaoning team to the playoffs 9 times and to the finals 4 times, and led the team to win the CBA championship in the 2017-18 season."

Liao basket sends blessings.

  Subsequently, the Liaoning Men’s Basketball Team forwarded the news of the Dragon Lions Club and sent blessings to the meritorious coach Guo Shiqiang: "Thank you Guo Guo for his contribution to the Liao basketball team. The Liao basketball team will never forget! Bless you in your new job. In the post, everything goes smoothly, and a great journey ahead!

  Guo Shiqiang was born in Liaoyang, Liaoning in 1975, and officially entered the Liaoning team as early as 1993 as an organization guard. In 1996, he was loaned to the newly promoted Sichuan team. With his outstanding performance, he was recalled by the Liaoning team in 1997 and gradually shouldered the burden of the team's core organizing guard.

Data map: Liaoning coach Guo Shiqiang coached on the sidelines during the game. Image source: Visual China

  In addition, he also entered the national team and participated in the Sydney and Athens Olympic Games with his teacher Jiang Xingquan. However, Guo Shiqiang, who was in the prime of his integrity career, chose to retire at the age of 30 in 2005. A year later, Guo Shiqiang started his coaching career and became the youngest coach in Liao basketball history. Continuously leading the team to create great results, Guo Shiqiang was also favored by the national team. In May 2009, he officially became the head coach of the Chinese men's basketball team.

  The good times did not last long. After losing in the 2009 Asian Championships, Guo Shiqiang returned to the Liaoning team, and soon it was reported that he was at odds with Zhang Qingpeng. Guo Shiqiang chose to resign from the Liaoning team for the second time. In November 2013, the 38-year-old Guo Shiqiang picked up the Liaoning team coach for the third time. In the following years, he and the Liaoning basketball team made progress together. In 2017, Guo Shiqiang led his team to win the first National Games championship in the history of the Liaoning team. In 2018, he and the team fulfilled the long-cherished wish of Liaoning basketball and won the CBA championship trophy.

  On June 28, 2020, the Liaoning men's basketball team was in poor condition after the CBA rematch. The club announced on the same day that Guo Shiqiang had resigned as head coach. The team's meritorious defender Yang Ming would replace Guo Shiqiang and become the new head coach of the Liaoning men's basketball team. This experience of being disconnected from the Liao basketball team will be officially cut off after Guo Shiqiang, who is cordially referred to as the "old uncle" by the fans, signed a contract with Guangzhou.

  However, all memories will remain in people's hearts. Guo Shiqiang found the next stop, and Liaoning also broke into the stage of the finals and will work hard for the second championship trophy in team history. A blessing and gratitude will be a new part of good memories for both parties. (Finish)