Serve for Murray in the game. Photo by China News Agency reporter Hou Yu

  China News Service, August 7th. On August 7th, Beijing time, the US Open Organizing Committee announced the players who have won singles wild card qualifications this season. Among them, famous player Andy Murray won the men's singles wild card, and the three-time women's singles champion Clijsters won the women's singles wild card.

  Since retiring from the Australian Open at the beginning of the year due to injury, Murray has not participated in a game this season. His current world ranking has fallen to more than 200. Murray has twice reached the US Open men's singles finals, losing to Federer in 2008 and finishing second, and defeating Djokovic in 2012 to win.

  Clijsters won three U.S. Open women's singles titles in 2005, 2009 and 2010. Last year, Clijsters announced his comeback again after seven years away from professional tennis. This is also her first appearance at the US Open in eight years.

  Before participating in the US Open, Murray and Clijsters will also participate in the Cincinnati Open.

  In addition to Murray, 7 people including Brandon Nakajima, Kvyatkowski, Koda, Blanche, Michael Mo, Crecy, Wolfe also won this year's US Open men's singles. Wild card qualifications.

  In addition to Clijsters, there are seven American players who have won wild cards in the women's singles main match: Bellis, Di Lorenzo, Dolehead, Alconada, Ann Lee , Montgomery, Oswego. This is the first time Bellis has participated in the US Open since 2017. Montgomery (15 years old) and Alconada will have their first Grand Slam tournament trip.

  On the 5th, defending champion Nadal announced his withdrawal from this year's US Open. Prior to this, Federer, Wawrinka, Batty and many others had already confirmed their absence. According to the original plan, the US Open will start on August 31. (Finish)