Good evening and welcome to this live blog. Here we will keep you informed of the developments in the eighth finals of the Champions League.


  • Manchester City-Real Madrid 2-1
  • Juventus-Olympique Lyon 2-1

Manchester City-Real Madrid · a few seconds ago

80 'Real tries to incite a final offensive, but Zidane's team is through it. The French coach will be eliminated for the first time in the Champions League as coach of the 'Royal'. City finishes the match on autopilot.

Juventus-Olympique Lyon3 minutes ago

76 'That doesn't make much difference! Ronaldo almost completes his hat-trick, but his header from a corner goes over Lyon's goal.

Juventus-Olympique Lyon · 4 minutes ago

Cristiano Ronaldo has now single-handedly scored as many goals in the Champions League as Atlético Madrid.

1⃣3⃣0⃣ - Cristiano Ronaldo has now scored as many Champions League goals as Atlético Madrid (both 130). Only 22 teams have scored more CL goals than C7. #JUVOL

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Manchester City-Real Madrid 5 minutes ago

Raphaël Varane will not sleep well tonight. Not because of the heat, but because of the two huge blunders he makes against Manchester City. Both ketsers lead to a goal against and in all probability the elimination of Real Madrid in the Champions League.

Another grand blunder from Varane 😫 Gabriel Jesus can unwrap the present this time 🎁 #ZiggoSport #UCL #MCIRMA

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Juventus-Olympique Lyon9 minutes ago

67 'Memphis leaves the field at Lyon. The position of the Orange International is taken by Dembélé.

9 minutes ago

Manchester City-Real Madrid 12 minutes ago

69 'GOAL Manchester City! 2-1

We can say that it is not the evening of Raphaël Varane, because the defender makes an error, just like with the opening goal. First he misjudges a high ball and when he wants to correct that by heading the ball back to Thibaut Courtois, he misses Gabriel Jesus. The City striker reaches the ball before the Real goalkeeper and taps in. Is this the final blow for Zidane's team?

Juventus-Olympique Lyon13 minutes ago

Watch the footage of Ronaldo's beautiful swipe.

CUCKOO! 😍Cristiano Ronaldo beautifully puts Juve in the lead 💫 #ZiggoSport #UCL #JUVLYO

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Manchester City-Real Madrid 14 minutes ago

66 'Courtois saves Real! The keeper barely taps a hard bet from Gabriel Jesus over the bar with his fingertips, otherwise it just hangs.

Manchester City-Real Madrid 16 minutes ago

64 'So these are the sorties that City should watch out for. Benzema curls the ball right into the hands of Ederson, but that went wrong for the home team for the same money.

Juventus-Olympique Lyon 19 minutes ago

60 'GOAL Juventus! 2-1

Superb! Out of nowhere Ronaldo puts Juventus ahead. The attacker hits from more than 20 meters with the left and sees his great swipe through Lyon goalkeeper Lopes and the post end up in the goal. The tension is now fully back in Turin, because 'De Oude Dame' needs one more goal for a place in the quarter-finals.

19 minutes ago

Manchester City-Real Madrid 19 minutes ago

60 'City is clearly not planning to take any risks and is chasing a second goal to make the margin a bit more reassuring. The English hit Real completely color-blind after the break, but do not score yet, so that the Spaniards still need one goal to force an extension.

Juventus-Olympique Lyon21 minutes ago

58 'There is the first danger in the second half. Guimaraes tries from a distance, but his shot sails over the goal of Juventus.

Manchester City-Real Madrid 21 minutes ago

57 'For a change, De Bruyne is once the receiver of a through ball instead of the sender. The playmaker cuts out Militão nicely, but he is saved by his companion Varane, who clears the ball before De Bruyne can print.

Juventus-Olympique Lyon 22 minutes ago

57 'The first minutes after the break do not provide much spectacle in Turin. Juventus insists, but poses hardly any danger. Lyon goalkeeper Lopes only has to intervene with some high crosses.

Manchester City-Real Madrid 25 minutes ago

53 'Again Sterling shows up for Courtois and again the keeper is the winner of the meeting. The Belgian throws himself on the ball, so the Englishman cannot get the toy past.

25 minutes ago

Juventus-Olympique Lyon 28 minutes ago

These are the special facts: Cristiano Ronaldo's hit against Olympique Lyon is the first he makes in the Champions League in August since 2005. At the time, the Portuguese scored for the first time on behalf of Manchester United in the European ball of millions.

Manchester City-Real Madrid 32 minutes ago

47 'Sterling misses a great opportunity to give Real a new blow immediately after the break. The attacker shoots face to face with Courtois at the foot of the keeper.

Juventus-Olympique Lyon34 minutes ago

46 'We will also continue in Turin. Can Juventus score at least twice or will Lyon survive?

Manchester City-Real Madrid 35 minutes ago

46 'The second half in Manchester has started. Will City hold, or can Real complete the comeback?

Juventus-Olympique Lyon 40 minutes ago

Memphis Depay is the first player in the Champions League to use and cause a penalty kick since statistics agency Opta keeps track of the data.

1 - Memphis Depay is the first player to score a penalty and concede a penalty in a Champions League game since Opta analyzes the competition (2003-04). Paradox. #JUVOL

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40 minutes ago

Manchester City-Real Madrid 44 minutes ago

Despite the fact that his side has repaired the early deficit, the look of suspended captain Sergio Ramos is still worrisome. If the defender still wants to play this season, he must hope that his teammates can fight their way past City in the second half.

Juventus-Olympique Lyon one hour ago

Check out the footage of Memphis's handball and Ronaldo's penalty.

Hands from Memphis lead to a penalty for Juve 🥅 And you can leave that to Ronaldo 🔥🔥 #ZiggoSport #UCL #JUVLYO

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Juventus-Olympique Lyon one hour ago

Peace! The teams visit the dressing rooms in Turin, where it is 1-1. Memphis brings Lyon the lead from a nice penalty kick, after which Ronaldo also takes care of the equalizer from 11 meters. Juventus still has to score at least twice to have a chance of a place in the quarterfinals.

Manchester City-Real Madrid one hour ago

Peace! Manchester City and Real Madrid have tea at the Etihad Stadium. The English take the lead early on by Raheem Sterling, who punishes a blunder by Raphaël Varane. Karim Benzema, however, brings Real back into the game with a striking header, but there is still work to be done for the Madrid people.

Manchester City-Real Madrid one hour ago

45 + 1 'De Bruyne Courtois almost surprised by shooting a corner in one go. The Real goalkeeper has figured out what his fellow countryman is trying just in time and whips the ball out of his goal.

an hour ago

Manchester City-Real Madrid one hour ago

42 'Again fumbling in the back at Real. This time Courtois just shoots the ball in the feet of De Bruyne. City's playmaker then finds Foden, but he aims just wide and therefore fails to punish Real again.

Juventus-Olympique Lyon one hour ago

43 'GOAL Juventus! 1-1

Ronaldo makes no mistake and shoots controlled from 11 meters. The Portuguese slides the ball into the right corner and sends Lopes the wrong way.

Juventus-Olympique Lyon one hour ago

42 'Penalty kick Juventus! The ball now hits the spot for the Italians after hands from Memphis with a free kick by Pjanic.

Juventus-Olympique Lyon one hour ago

40 'Phew! Ronaldo is close to 1-1 with a free kick from the edge of the box, but Lopes has a great save and taps the ball wide.

Manchester City-Real Madrid one hour ago

However, Real Madrid is not there yet, so Benzema takes the ball out of the net immediately after his goal. At least one more goal will have to be scored in the next hour to avoid elimination.

Manchester City-Real Madrid one hour ago

Karim Benzema celebrates the 1-1. For the striker it is the 65th goal in the Champions League. Only Cristiano Ronaldo (128), Lionel Messi (114) and Raúl (71) scored more often in the most important European tournament than the Frenchman. Benzema is now just one goal away from a special milestone. The next time he finds the net, that will mean his 250th goal for Real Madrid.

Juventus-Olympique Lyon one hour ago

37 'After a period in which Juventus is struggling to find a hole in Lyon's close-knit defense, the home team is once again dangerous. Higuain heads on goal, but Lopes reacts thoughtfully and prevents the equalizer.

Manchester City-Real Madrid one hour ago

Watch the handsome goal with which Karim Benzema heads Real Madrid back in the match.

Benzema 👉 Rodrygo 👉 Benzema 💥1-1 and the excitement is back! 😬 #ZiggoSport #UCL #MCIRMA

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Manchester City-Real Madrid one hour ago

28 'GOAL Real Madrid! 1-1

Real is completely back in this diptych. Rodrygo gets the back line and puts the ball perfectly on Karim Benzema's head. The striker trumps two opponents in the air and hits hard, much to the relief of all with a royal white heart.

Manchester City-Real Madrid one hour ago

Zinedine Zidane scratches her head again. Will the Frenchman experience his first European elimination as coach of Real tonight?

Manchester City-Real Madrid one hour ago

Despite the early goal against, Real Madrid's assignment is actually still the same: to score at least twice. If the Madrid people can fight back in this duel, forcing an extension is not an impossible task.

Juventus-Olympique Lyon one hour ago

Memphis Depay follows in the footsteps of Ruud van Nistelrooij thanks to his used penalty kick.

⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️- Memphis Depay🇳🇱 is the first Dutchman to score at least 6 Champions League goals in a single campaign since Ruud van Nistelrooy netted 6 for Real Madrid in 2006/07. #JUVOL

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Manchester City-Real Madrid one hour ago

21 'Benzema is almost there with the equalizer. The French striker cleverly turns away from Laporte, but shoots the ball straight at Ederson. Moments later, the City keeper also takes a bet from Hazard in the short corner.

Manchester City-Real Madrid one hour ago

Raheem Sterling celebrates his opening goal with principal Gabriel Jesus and Phil Foden. The Englishman reached a special milestone with the goal, because it is his hundredth official goal on behalf of City.

Juventus-Olympique Lyon one hour ago

20 'Juventus is close to the equalizer twice. First Bernardeschi appears after a great action in front of the goal of Lyon, but Marcelo intervenes just in time and a moment later Ronaldo heads over.

Juventus-Olympique Lyon one hour ago

View the images of the beautiful 'Panenka' of Memphis.

Memphis with a really dirty panenka 🤯Lyon on roses in Turin 👉🏻 Juve needs 3 💥 #ZiggoSport #UCL #JUVLYO

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Manchester City-Real Madrid one hour ago

Real Madrid gives Manchester City the opening goal with this fumbling. Gabriel Jesus and Raheem Sterling have no pity and immediately punish Varane's mistake.

Real Madrid fumbles in the back! 🙈 Manchester City get the lead thrown in the lap: 1-0 😗 #ZiggoSport #UCL #MCIRMA

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Juventus-Olympique Lyon one hour ago

12 'GOAL Olympique Lyon! 0-1

Wonderful! Memphis uses the penalty kick with a 'Panenka' and surprises Juventus goalkeeper Szczesny with that. The Italians now have to score at least three times to qualify for the quarterfinals.

Juventus-Olympique Lyon one hour ago

11 'Penalty kick Lyon! The ball hits the spot after Aouar is tapped from behind by Bernardeschi and Bentancur also makes a sliding bet towards the Lyon midfielder. The VAR will take a look at the images for a while.

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