It is by no means certain whether Mercedes will be active in Formula 1 next year. For the time being, the team is the only one who refuses to sign the Concorde Agreement, the deadline of which expires next Wednesday.

The Concorde Agreement establishes all financial agreements between Formula 1 and the teams. The current agreement was drawn up in 2009 and will expire next winter.

Mercedes does not agree with the proposed distribution of the prize money. "We at Mercedes have made it clear that we are happy with a fairer distribution of the prize money. We advocate that success should be achievable for all teams in Formula 1," said team boss Toto Wolff at a news conference at Silverstone on Friday.

"We feel like the biggest victim when you look at how much prize money we can miss," said Wolff. "While I think we have contributed a lot to the sport in recent years. At the moment we are not willing to sign the Concorde Agreement."

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Formula 1 sticks to Wednesday's deadline

Commenting on Wolff's statements, Formula 1 reports that "all teams have been spoken constructively and everyone has been listened to" when drafting the Concorde Agreement.

"This agreement is important for the future of the sport and all fans. We will continue with this, postponement is not possible."

That would mean that Mercedes must agree within five days. "That will depend on the people on the other side of the negotiating table," said Wolff.

"If they are willing to discuss all the pain points and make compromises, I think things will go very fast. But we have not seen that attitude yet."

Earlier this week, Mercedes anticipated a longer stay in Formula 1 by extending the contract of Valtteri Bottas until the end of 2021. The team is again this weekend the favorite at the Grand Prix of the seventieth anniversary of Formula 1 on Silverstone.

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