In England this weekend the Grand Prix that will mark the seventieth anniversary of Formula 1 will be held. Raymond Klaassen, meteorologist at Weerplaza, will update you on the weather forecast in Silverstone.

It will be a lot warmer next weekend than during the previous race on the same circuit. Then it was quite chilly on Saturday and Sunday, with temperatures just above 20 degrees.

On Friday the sun will shine and there will be little cloud. It stays dry and hot all day, with maximums between 27 and 30 degrees in the afternoon.

It will also remain dry on Saturday with plenty of sun. There is hardly any cloud cover and the temperature fluctuates around 26 to 28 degrees.

On Sunday morning there is a small chance of a shower, but in the afternoon it will look dry and quite sunny. The maximums are then around 25 degrees. The wind blows from the northeast and is moderate.

GP start times around 70th anniversary of Formula 1

  • First training: Friday at noon
  • Second training: Friday 4 p.m.
  • Third training: Saturday noon
  • Qualification: Saturday 3 pm
  • Race: Sunday 3.10 pm