Welcome to the live blog of the aftermath of Fabio Jakobsen's crash in the Tour of Poland. The Dutch champion was driven into the gates on Wednesday by fellow countryman Dylan Groenewegen. 

  • Jacob operated on for five hours
  • Friday attempt to get out of a coma
  • Rider out of danger

We strongly warn against the heavy images, but this is how Fabio Jakobsen crashed in the opening stage of the Tour of Poland after fellow countryman Dylan Groenewegen cuts him off.


Massive crash on the finish line in stage 1 of 🇵🇱 @ Tour_de_Pologne! # TDP20 (📺 @ sport_tvppl)

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Tour of Poland a few seconds ago

Jakobsen was resuscitated for hours by doctors
Fabio Jakobsen was resuscitated for an hour yesterday by the doctors in the hospital in the Polish city of Sosnowiec. Treated doctor Pawel Gruenpeter tells  Sporza that . The doctors decided earlier today to try to wake Jacob from his artificial coma not today, but tomorrow.

Tour of Poland · 6 minutes ago

Still 104 km  - Julius van den Berg is again part of the leading group in the Tour of Poland. The Dutchman of EF Pro Cycling, who wears the mountain jersey of the stage race, rides with the Pool Maciej Paterski in the front, more than six minutes before the peloton.

Tour of Poland18 minutes ago

Jumbo-Visma does not say in the statement how long Dylan Groenewegen must recover from the fracture in his collarbone. Rehabilitation normally takes about six weeks. Groenewegen would in any case not be at the start of the Tour de France later this month, because he will ride the Giro d'Italia in October, where there are more sprint opportunities. The question is whether the Amsterdammer can start there. The UCI Ethics Committee launched an investigation yesterday into the major crash it caused yesterday in the Tour of Poland, which left Fabio Jakobsen seriously injured.

Tour of Poland23 minutes ago

Dylan Groenewegen is yet another rider who has been injured in the fall he caused in the Tour of Poland. These riders have been injured as far as is known:

  • Fabio Jakobsen: shattered palate and windpipe, artificial coma
  • Dylan Groenwegen: broken collarbone
  • Edu Prades: broken cervical vertebra
  • Damien Touzé: broken finger
  • Marc Sarreau: shoulder injury

23 minutes ago

Tour of Poland30 minutes ago

Plugge: "Groenewegen was visibly excited"
"We let him tell his story briefly," said team boss Richard Plugge in the statement. "Dylan is horrified by what happened. He was visibly excited. Also for him now the recovery of Fabio and the others who were injured in this terrible fall counts. Soon we will discuss the incident in more detail with him. We are with our thoughts on the victims and hope with all our heart for a good recovery. "

Tour of Poland33 minutes ago

Groenewegen breaks collarbone in crash with Jakobsen
Dylan Groenewegen broke his collarbone in crash with Fabio Jakobsen in the opening stage of the Tour of Poland. His team Jumbo-Visma reports this in a statement. The sprinter was operated earlier today in a hospital in Poland. Team leaders Merijn Zeeman and team manager Richard Plugge are present at the hospital at Groenewegen.

Tour of Poland one hour ago

The six remaining riders of Deceuninck-QuickStep are at the front at the start. On the front left is a glimpse of CCC rider Kamil Malecki who, against his will, has to wear the yellow jersey of the organization.

an hour ago

Still 151 km - The riders leave the neutral zone and are now starting the official part of the second stage.

And they're off! .5151.5km, stage 2 # tdp20

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an hour ago

an hour ago

There is a good chance that today's flat stage will again end in a mass sprint. According to local reporters, the course in the final is slightly down again.

Dziś dla odmiany również bardzo szybki finisz na mooim zjeździe 🚴‍♂️🇵🇱 # tdp20

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Tour of Poland one hour ago

Still 151 km - There has been long talk about the fall of yesterday - and the last word has probably not yet been said - but now there is also racing in Poland. The second and shortest stage is underway.

Kamil Małecki faktycznie jedzie w koszulce lidera klassyfikacji generalnej, no to robi się gruba sprawa 🙃 # tdp20

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Tour of Poland one hour ago

Naesen: 'Groenewegen puts zero on mind, just like other sprinters'
In 2016, an angry Oliver Naesen called Dylan Groenewegen "a retarded", after the Dutch sprinter almost drove him into the gates at a French race. After yesterday's incident in the Belgian milder. "Besides the bike, Dylan is a pleasant, friendly guy," he says in Het Laatste Nieuws . "But on the bike he is a typical sprinter. Put him in the last straight line and he turns into a killer, like everyone else. They all reset their minds. I only know one exception: André Greipel. He is a gentleman and he always plays it fair. "

Tour of Poland2 hours ago

The peloton gathers in starting place Opole. At 15.05 they leave for Zabrze in the second stage.

Opole. Start soon # tdp20

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2 hours ago

Tour of Poland2 hours ago

Team CCC would rather not have the leader's jersey.
Kamil Malecki may start in the leader's jersey of the Tour of Poland today, because he is the first finished rider of yesterday to start today. The Polish rider and his team Team CCC do not think it is appropriate to wear the jersey because of the serious fall of Jakobsen and Sarreau, but the race regulations do not make that possible.

Update from the start of # tdp20 stage two ⤵️ #ForzaFabio

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Tour of Poland2 hours ago

Riders Deceunick-QuickStep after consultation at the start
Patrick Lefevere, boss of Deceuninck-QuickStep, after consultation with team leader Klaas Lodewyck, has agreed that the other riders of his team will 'just' start in the second stage. However, they will race soberly. "We will protect the position of Remco Evenepoel so that he can continue to participate in the rankings. We will do no more," Lefevere told Het Laatste Nieuws .

Tour of Poland2 hours ago

The six remaining riders of Deceuninck-QuickStep are preparing for the second stage, which starts at 3.05 pm. They are still with Fabio Jakobsen with their thoughts.

We will start this afternoon's # TDP20 stage 2 (Opole-Zabrze, 151.5 kilometers) in six, but at all times thinking of @FabioJakobsen. #ForzaFabio

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Tour of Poland2 hours ago

What are the chances of criminal prosecution for Dylan Groenewegen? Read more here:

2 hours ago

Tour of Poland 3 hours ago

"Given the speed at which the fall took place, my shoulder injury is not too bad," said the relieved Sarreau. "Of course I am with Fabio Jakobsen today. You don't wish this on anyone. Never. It's scary when such accidents happen. I hope he can get out of his coma soon and heal quietly." (2/2)

Tour of Poland 3 hours ago

Sarreau: 'The crash was at 81.7 km / h'
Marc Sarreau's bike computer registered a speed of 81.7 km / h in the mass sprint. The Groupama-FDJ rider also crashed and sustained a shoulder injury. The Frenchman finds the downhill run into Katowice very dangerous. "This sprint has been under discussion for years. And so there are more chaotic arrivals in the year with constrictions or other bottlenecks." (1/2)

Tour of Poland 3 hours ago

According to this Polish journalist, who closely follows the news about Fabio Jakobsen, the press conference of 2 pm this afternoon has been canceled. "An attempt to wake Fabio Jakobsen will be carried out gradually and most likely not until tomorrow morning. His health status remains unchanged."

Próba wybudzenia @FabioJakobsen będzie prowadzona stopniowo i najprawdopodobniej nastąpi dopiero jutro w godzinach porannych. Stan zdrowia bez zmian. Dzisiejszy briefing prasowy odwołany. @sport_tvppl # TDP20

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Tour of Poland · 4 hours ago

Dylan Groenewegen responds for the first time to yesterday's crash. The incident is bothering the Jumbo-Visma sprinter.

I hate what happened yesterday. I can't find the words to describe how sorry I am for Fabio and others who have been dropped or hit.At the moment, Fabio's health is the most important thing. I think about him constantly.

AvatarAvatar Author Dylan Groenewegen Time of places 12: 36 - 6 August 2020

4 hours ago

Tour of Poland · 4 hours ago

Former top sprinter Marcel Kittel still finds it shocking to see Jakobsen's crash after looking back thirty times. The German hopes of course that everything will be fine with Jakobsen and the official along the road who was also seriously injured. The last message this morning is that the official is now aware.

I've watched the final & crash of yesterday's @tourdepologne sprint like 30 times and the brutality of the crash is still shocking. I really hope that Fabio & the race official will be ok. My thoughts go out to their family, friends and teammates! 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

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Tour of Poland · 4 hours ago

Police secure evidence in finish line
The Polish police yesterday collected evidence in the finish line where the crash occurred. "An investigation team worked on site until late in the evening. An inspection was carried out and tracks were secured," the police report to the Polish medium TVP .

Tour of Poland · 5 hours ago

Plugge apologizes to Deceuninck-Quick-Step
Lefevere further reports to Sporza that he was called last night by team boss Richard Plugge of Jumbo-Visma. "I told him that I was brave that he called me, but I also told him that I cannot understand the maneuver of Groenewegen. I just can't." (3/3)

Tour of Poland · 5 hours ago

Lefevere still wants legal prosecution of Groenewegen
Lefevere already yesterday said that he plans to take Groenewegen to court and the Belgian does not think otherwise about a day later. "We have already sent a letter of complaint to the UCI and the team will also file a complaint with the Polish police for deliberate mistreatment and injuries. The police have confiscated Jakobsen's bicycle." (2/3)

Tour of Poland · 5 hours ago

Lefevere: "Jakobsen broke all the bones in his face"
"Fabio Jakobsen broke all the bones in his face. It is very bad", his team boss Patrick Lefevere told Sporza . "We continue to pray that he survive. His family is on their way to Poland, accompanied by our psychologist." (1/3)

Tour of Poland · 5 hours ago

Fabio Jakobsen's team calls on everyone to tweet this image with a personal message for the 23-year-old rider. After a five-hour operation, which went without complications, the doctors in the hospital of Sosnowiec want to awaken the Dutch champion from his artificial coma today.

We want all of the Wolfpack to pull together and get behind our friend and colleague Fabio Jakobsen. Please download and repost this image with your own words of support for him, using #ForzaFabio!

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Tour of Poland · 5 hours ago

These riders can no longer start today due to the crash in the mass sprint:

  • Fabio Jakobsen 🇳🇱 (various serious injuries)
  • Dylan Groenewegen 🇳🇱 (taken off course)
  • Edu Prades 🇪🇸 (break in neck)
  • Damien Touzé 🇫🇷 (broken finger)
  • Marc Sarreau 🇫🇷 (shoulder injury)

Tour of Poland · 5 hours ago

Italian rider Alessandro De Marchi calls for action by the UCI and rider union CPA to make cycling safer. The CCC rider also wants a zero tolerance policy from the jury that assesses race situations.

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Tour of Poland6 hours ago

Deceuninck-Quick-Step, Fabio Jakobsen's team, confirms what was announced earlier this morning by the hospital. The sprinter's situation is stable, he will be taken out of his artificial coma later today.

Fabio Jakobsen had facial surgery during the night. His situation is stable at the moment and later today the doctors will try to wake Fabio up. More information will be published when available. Again, we want to thank you all for the huge support! Photo: @GettySport

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Tour of Poland6 hours ago

Remco Evenepoel posted this tweet yesterday, to remove it soon after. The young Belgian, Jakobsen's teammate in the Tour of Poland, thinks that Groenewegen should be suspended for life.

💥 Evenepoel: “Debería ser suspendido de por vida. Maldita sea! Debería darte vergüenza ”❌ Evenepoel pide la suspensión de por vida para Groenewegen. Minutos después ha borrado el tweet.

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Tour of Poland8 hours ago

The short press conference is now over. We will of course report it here as soon as there is news about Fabio Jakobsen.

Tour of Poland8 hours ago

Jakobsen has trouble breathing
"There are no complications after surgery," says Dr. Pawel Gruenpeter. "That is why we are optimistic. There is no brain injury, but the patient has difficulty breathing due to injuries to the chest."

Tour of Poland8 hours ago

The hospital announces that there will be a next update about Jakobsen around 2 p.m.

Tour of Poland8 hours ago

An attempt is being made today to awaken Jacob from his artificial coma, the hospital further reports.

Tour of Poland8 hours ago

Jakobsen operated for five hours
Last night Fabio Jakobsen had surgery for five hours. The rider's condition is now severe but stable, the hospital reports at the press conference. The injuries to the face are the most serious.

Tour of Poland8 hours ago

Around this time in St. Barbara Hospital in Sosnowiec the press conference should begin. We are still waiting and will of course report it as soon as there is news.

Tour of Poland9 hours ago

Movistar reports that their rider Edu Prades suffered a fracture in the neck from yesterday's crash. The Catalan spent the night in a Polish hospital and can go home today. The Spanish team also wishes Fabio Jakobsen a lot of strength.

Malas noticias para @eduprades, quien tras su caída and Polonia presenta una pequeña fractura and una de sus vértebras cervicales. Más info ↓↓ ¡Mucho ánimo, Edu! Reiteramos nuestro apoyo hacia todo el @deceuninck_qst y la familia y amigos de @FabioJakobsen. Hoping for good news!

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Tour of Poland9 hours ago

Former top sprinter Robbie McEwen gives his opinion about the accident. "The action of Groenewegen has often occurred by many sprinters, the disqualification is justified. The placement of the crush barriers was not up to standard, just like the UCI's security measures are not," the Australian said.

The move by Groenewegen was one that has been made by sprinters many times. A correct DQ. But the barrier set-up @Tour_de_Pologne was not up to standard, nor are safety standards @UCI_cycling. How about final km safety standards instead of measuring sock height?

AvatarAvatar Author Robbie McEwen AM Moment of Places 05: 44 - August 6, 2020

Tour of Poland9 hours ago

Press conference on Jakobsen
at 08:00 Polish media report that a press conference will be held at St. Barbara Hospital in Sosnowiec at 08:00. There, Jacobsen was treated for his injuries.

Tour of Poland9 hours ago

The horror crash of Fabio Jakobsen will unfortunately still dominate the news this morning. The Tour of Poland has just released the statement below, in which it reports being "somewhat relieved". After seeing the crash, the worst was feared and although the condition of Jakobsen is still serious, it is stable. The official is also improving.

Yesterday's final sprint ended in a crash on the finish line.We feared the worst, but Fabio's condition is now still serious but stabilized. We thank the many medics involved in helping all the injured riders. Please see the UCI and race organization statement below # tdp20

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Tour of Poland · 16 hours ago

Deceuninck-Quick-Step confirms: no brain injury
Deceuninck-Quick-Step, Fabio Jakobsen's team, confirms that the 23-year-old Gelderlander has no brain injury. His situation is stable, but still serious. Due to the severity of the injuries, he is kept in an artificial coma. More information will be announced by the team in the coming hours.

Tour of Poland · 16 hours ago

Niki Terpstra also empathizes with Fabio Jakobsen.

Keep fighting Fabio 👊🙏

AvatarAvatar Author Niki Terpstra Time of places 23: 55 - 5 August 2020

Tour of Poland · yesterday at 11:32 PM

Armstrong: 'Never seen such a crash'
Lance Armstrong also reacts to Fabio Jakobsen's dramatic fall. "I've been in your 'world' for a long time, but I've never seen a terrible crash like this," said Armstrong, who lost his seven victories in the Tour de France due to doping. "Hold on, friend. In my thoughts and prayers, I am with you."

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