Häcken has had big problems away from home this season, but is the series' strongest home team. After 2-0 against Norrköping, the team from Hisingen has won five of seven matches, two of which have ended in a draw.

The new acquisition Alexander Söderlund also continues to produce. Just over a quarter into the match, Godswill Ekpolo drove the ball nicely along the right edge and found Söderlund, obliquely inwards backwards, who distinctly placed in 1-0.

A quarter into the second half, Norrköping's Filip Dagerstål received a red card when he tore down a dismissed Patrik Wålemark. Häcken came close to extending the visitors' lead when he found himself completely unmarked in front of the goal after a pass through the middle, but he lifted the ball over Isak Pettersson and it was a little too high and hit the bar.

Shortly afterwards, however, Alexander Söderlund was able, from close range, to control a post to 2-0. His fifth goal in seven games.

IFK Norrköping now has three straight games without a win, but only the second loss this season.