High school baseball Tokyo's original tournament final card decision August 6 19:18

Tokyo's own tournament, which is being held in place of the nationwide summer high school baseball game that was canceled, has decided the final card, the final of the East Tokyo tournament is Teikyo and Kanto Daiichi, and the final of the West Tokyo tournament is Kosei Gakuen. I am Tokai University Sugo.

Of these, two games in the semi-finals were held in the East Tokyo Tournament on the 6th, and in the match between Toa Gakuen and Teikyo in the first game, Teikyo took two points in the eighth inning, squeeze and a mistake made by the opponent. Was successful.

Teikyo continued to make timely hits and so on, and scored 4 points this time, winning 6 to 3 to advance to the final.

In the second game, Omori Gakuen and Kanto Daiichi played against each other, and Kanto Daiichi won the second run three times, then added more points in small increments and won the match with a 7-to-1 victory.

The final of the East Tokyo Games will be held on the 8th.

On the other hand, at the West Tokyo Games, the semifinals were held on the 5th, and Kosei Gakuen and Tokai University Sugo took the finals.

The final of the West Tokyo Games will be held on the 7th.

NHK will broadcast the finals of the West Tokyo Games on the 7th and the finals of the East Tokyo Games on the 8th from 10:05 AM on General Television and 9:55 AM on FM Broadcasting.

In addition to watching the live broadcast of the game, you can also watch it on the "NHK Plus" service, which is always available on the Internet at the same time.