The final of the team-SM in athletics will be decided tonight at Slottsskogsvallen in Gothenburg. Six teams participate, including Angelica Bengtssons Hässelby and Daniel Ståhls Spårvägen.

Hammarby was one of the clubs that qualified for the competition, but they have chosen not to participate due to lack of finances.

“The association's finances are very strongly affected due to the ongoing pandemic. The association does not have the opportunity to pay for a trip to the Team-SM competition. For just Team-SM, it is required that all participants and leaders need to pay everything out of their own pocket, which we as an association have a hard time demanding ", writes the club's acting sports director Pär Hellstadius in a press release.

Did not get to see the support package

Hellstadius writes in the press release that the association's finances have been halved, which is largely due to the competition Midnattsloppet being canceled. The club was not allowed to take part in the government's support package of SEK 500 million, as it did not include events after 30 June, and the Midnight Race would have been decided in August.

“This has meant that we are not able to pay for or subsidize competition activities, training or competition trips. This applies to all ages from youth to elite. We have given priority to continuing with a training activity, where all training groups have continued to be active, despite the pandemic ", writes Hellstadius.