Major League Blue Jays Yamaguchi No goals in pitching the third game August 5 12:59

Major League Baseball Blue Jays Shun Yamaguchi pitched a relief in Braves on the 4th to hold no hits, and for the first time in the third major league pitch, he didn't score.

Pitcher Yamaguchi pitched as a 5th player in the 1st out 2nd base while he was greatly led by 1 to 10, and widened the pitch to 1st and 3rd base with a wild pitch and a foreball, but the second fly and left fly. I did not give a score.

Yamaguchi, who has been playing in a major league since this season, has pitched and lost as a pitcher in the extension of the tie break system for both games so far, and he has scored no goals for the first time in the third game. It was

In the match, the Blue Jays lost 1-10 and Yamaguchi could not beat him.