Former coach of Nichidai rugby club Toothpick stab violence also forced to drink alcohol August 13th 13:40

It turns out that a former coach of the Nihon University Rugby Club was acting violently stabbing a toothpick on a member and forcing him to drink alcohol. The department commented, "I want to do my best to prevent recurrence."

According to the Nihon University Rugby Club, the former coach used violence, such as stabbing a toothpick on the head of a member, and forced the member to drink alcohol.

After interviewing the former coach, the director and director of the rugby club decided that the former coach deserved his retirement.

According to the people involved, the former coach left the department in March.

The former coach's violence was revealed during the rebuilding of the team following the arrest of a staff member in January on suspicion of violating the cannabis control law.

The rugby club reported to the "competitive sports club" in charge of the athletic club about the series of events, and the director and directors received strict caution.

The Nichidai Rugby Club commented, "We take this situation very seriously and will do our best to prevent recurrence so that everyone's trust can be restored as soon as possible."

Nitto University announced that it will proceed with various reforms, such as setting up a consultation service for students in the sports club due to the problem of malicious tackles in the American football club.