- Yes, one of the alternatives is not to approve it, says rule expert A Lennart Julin to Aftonbladet.

Almgren's 7.48.44 was a Swedish record with one tenth and has not yet been approved. Andreas Almgren does not expect that to happen either.

- Since the shoes are banned now, it is doubtful whether such a record will be approved. On the other hand, they were approved when the record came.

"Will be what it will be"

It feels a bit like having driven on a 70-lane road where the speed has been reduced to 50 and then get fined retroactively, says Almgren who is not too depressed:

- No, it must be what it will be. And I'm pretty sure it will be the winter that comes if I, Kalle Berglund and Suldan Hassan get to train.