Max Verstappen is realistic enough to know that Mercedes is also a favorite at the upcoming race at Silverstone. In the Grand Prix of the seventieth anniversary of Formula 1, the driver of Red Bull will mainly try to keep the pressure on Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas.

"We have to be realistic about our current speed. The battle for victories and the championship is very difficult under normal circumstances," said the driver on on Tuesday . "But the car is getting better and more predictable, so if we are around, there is always a chance."

Verstappen drove to second place on Sunday, thanks in part to a flat tire from Bottas. It was already his third podium finish in four races this season, but the Limburger never really came close to winning.

"Of course we are still quite a bit short on Mercedes, especially in qualifying. But also in the race on circuits such as Silverstone. So we have not really been able to fight for the win yet, but we are keeping the pressure on it" , Verstappen announces.

The fact that they race twice on the same track gives Red Bull engineers the opportunity to collect extra data about the car. Verstappen: "We can now test various things, although we have to be careful that the conditions will be different this weekend."


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Verstappen expects a less boring race due to heat

According to the weather forecast, the coming weekend will be very hot in Great Britain. With Pirelli making softer tires available to all teams, the strategies will also be different from last week.

"We are going to see what the influence is on the race," said Verstappen, who drove lonely in third place for a long time last Sunday, until the bizarre final rounds in which both Mercedes got a flat tire. "I hope to count fewer sheep this weekend," he laughs.

GP start times of the 70th anniversary of Formula 1

  • First training: Friday at noon
  • Second training: Friday 4 p.m.
  • Third training: Saturday noon
  • Qualification: Saturday 3 pm
  • Race: Sunday 3.10 pm