On December 15, 2019, Beijing Enterprises Head Coach Marbury celebrated with the team members. On the same day, in the 17th round of the regular season of the Chinese Men's Basketball League (CBA) in the 2019-2020 season, Beijing Enterprises Group won the Guangdong Dongguan Bank team 126 to 111 at home. Photo by China News Agency reporter Han Haidan

  Chinanews Client Beijing, August 4 (Wang Hao) As the referee's final whistle sounded, in the quarter-finals of the CBA playoffs, Beijing Beikong lost 91:103 to Xinjiang, ending the season League journey. And Marbury also ended his first season as the team's head coach. From the stadium "old gun" to the "rookie" coach, Marbury's season can be described as wonderful.

  At the end of October last year, at the new season swearing ceremony of Beijing Enterprises, the ambitious coach Marbury made a bold statement that the team's goal is not only to make the playoffs, he also hopes to bring new ideas to the city Champion.

  For fans in Beijing, hearing this may be more complicated. As a meritorious player of the Shougang Men's Basketball Team, Marbury has brought three championships to the team. Now, he has become the head coach of his opponents in the same city.

On the afternoon of June 28, 2019, Beijing Enterprises Basketball Club held a head coach Marbury meeting in Beijing. The picture shows the new head coach Marbury of Beijing Enterprises Men’s Basketball team received a medal. Photo by China News Agency reporter Han Haidan

  In the seventh round of the league, Marbury led Beikong to the Wukesong Stadium to challenge Shougang. At the end of November, Beijing has quietly entered the winter. In the open space outside the stadium, a statue of Marbury stood quietly, freezing the moment of glory when he lifted the championship tripod. Now, the "master" of this stadium is no longer It's him.

  Marbury, who had returned to Wukesong, was a little excited and almost walked into the home team's locker room. After being reminded by the staff, he turned back and went to the visiting team's locker room.

  In that game, Beijing Enterprises finally lost Shougang 79:87. But when he and Sun Yue entered the stadium, the fans applauded and cheered. The stadium hasn't changed, the audience hasn't changed, the person is still the same person before, but the identity has been different.

  Rong years are in the past, and Marbury as a coach is very different from when he was a player. Early in his player career, he was known as the "Lone Wolf". He was full of personality both on and off the court, and he caused a lot of trouble. Even though he came to China to become one of the basketball totems of the city of Beijing, Marbury is still known for his blood.

Data map: On February 23, 2013, in the 2013 CBA All-Star Game, the Southern Star Team beat the Northern Star Team 84:77. Marbury, head coach of the North Star Team. Image source: Osports All Sports Photo Agency

  But unexpectedly, his coaching style is not as popular as a player. As a new coach, although Marbury is strict with his players, he has never seen any gaffes.

  This season's North Control Men's Basketball Team has three foreign players and many domestic players. It seems to be a lot stronger than before, but the replacement of the lineup will undoubtedly require a very capable head coach to knead them together.

  Once the players slack off, Marbury is not without means. If there are players who are not playing well, he objectively tells them what is not good, and if there is no improvement, waiting for the players will actually reduce the playing time. Cherish the opportunity and make 100% effort for it, this is the bottom line and attitude of Marbury leading the team.

  According to media reports, sometimes Beikong failed miserably in the game, and Marbury comforted everyone for their hard work. However, he would rush into the locker room to give everyone a slap in the face when the players celebrated their victory, telling them how good the game was. not good. It seems that Ma has his own basketball philosophy. At least this season, his basketball philosophy is effective.

On November 26, 2019, the CBA League played the Beijing Derby again in the tenth round. The Beijing Shougang team was in the lead for most of the time, and the Shougang team furiously counterattacked in the final quarter. Zhu Yanxi staged a 3-point lore. Beijing Shougang team scored 91. :90 won the second round of the Beijing Derby. The picture shows a North Control player passing the ball after a layup. Photo by Chinanews reporter Li Jun

  From winning only 8 games in the regular season last season to 29 wins in the regular season this season, the progress of Beijing Control is naturally due to the increase in staffing, but Marbury's role is also obvious.

  In December last year, Beijing Enterprises beat the powerful defending champion Guangdong at home 126:111. After the game, Marbury and Du Feng almost clashed on the sidelines. Regarding the cause of the conflict, different people have different understandings, but Guangdong and Shougang, where Marbury was once, are indeed a couple in the CBA.

  On July 1, the two teams met for the second time. Due to the last disturbance, many spectators prepared melon seeds for the show. But in that game, Beijing Enterprises did not send all the main players, Guangdong won 136:91. After the game, the two coaches also showed a "professional" smile, as if there was no unpleasantness.

On November 20, 2019, in the 7th round of the CBA League, Beijing Shougang defeated Beijing Beijing Enterprises as a guest at home 87:79. The picture shows the North Control team coach Marbury appeared in white. Crazy Friday Photo Source: Visual China

  As good coaches, they all know that their current status is no longer suitable for the “motivated” dominance of action as they did when they were players.

  The day before Beikong was eliminated, Shougang defeated Fujian and entered the semi-finals of the playoffs for the first time in the post-Marbury era. It seems that although there were various unpleasant rumors when they were separated, Shougang and Lao Ma are getting better and better on the road of their own choice. This may be the best ending in a lot of helplessness.

  However, Beijing fans still remember Marbury's contribution to this team. After a few years, he fought as an opponent on the field, but they still thank the old horse.

Fan comments screenshots.

  Perhaps in the future, the fans of Beijing Enterprises will be like this, thanking the old horse as the head coach for everything that has been brought to the team. Graduated from the first grade, Marbury, looking forward to more surprises from you! (Finish)