Women's Golf USA Tour Yui Kawamoto is 4th in her best August 3 9:04

The women's golf tournament tournament was held in Ohio on the 2nd, with 21-year-old Yui Kawamoto in 4th place.

The US tour of women's golf, which had been suspended since mid-February due to the new coronavirus, was restarted from this tournament.

Kawamoto, who has been challenging the U.S. tour from this season, started the final round with 4 strokes, which is two strokes away from the top, and he was unable to improve the score with 4 birdies, 2 bogeys and 1 double bogey. , With a total of 3 under, struggled with 4th place.

Kawamoto has lost his qualifying for two consecutive games after he finished 8th in his US tour debut in January. He became the highest player in the fourth race, but he said, "I still lack my ability. I should practice more." I felt that."

Daniel Kang of the United States won the championship from the first day with a total of 7 underscore and won the 4th victory.