A film about Trusova and criticism of Tuktamysheva's number

Despite the fact that Alexandra Trusova is just beginning her career in adult figure skating, she can rightfully be considered the star of this sport. Soon, fans will be able to learn more about her - a documentary film "Alexander Trusov in four turns" will be released on television screens. Her mentor Evgeni Plushenko, coach Oleg Vasiliev and ex-figure skater Elena Radionova took part in the filming.

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The authors promise that, among other things, the tape will tell about the athlete's departure from Eteri Tutberidze. So far, only part of this story is known.

“I think it's okay to train with different specialists. For some reason I can't skate cleanly! Therefore, we decided that we should try Evgeny Viktorovich. He skated with quarters himself and, perhaps, knows how to do it, "Match TV quotes Trusova.

Meanwhile, Plushenko himself continues to praise the new ward. He admitted that cooperation with such a promising figure skater implies great responsibility. At the same time, he is interested in watching its development. Also, the specialist especially noted the fearlessness of Trusova.

“I can compare her to a bull terrier that goes on the attack. This is amazing quality! She is a hard worker, a hard worker. In the training process, we have similar characters. Now we are working a lot on gliding, skating and artistry. This is what the athlete lacked before. She wants to perform five quadruple jumps in one program, necessarily an axel with three and a half turns, ”Plushenko said.

Elizaveta Tukatmysheva is also seriously preparing for the new season. The unsuccessful execution of the quadruple toe loop at the last Russian championship in Krasnoyarsk did not stop the girl. She did not give up the hope of strengthening her arsenal of elements. This time, the skater took up the salchow in four turns.

“It's hard, of course, you can't say anything. I curl up, but there hasn't been a clean exit yet. But this is to be expected. Nobody wore pink glasses, ”Tuktamysheva quotes“ Sports day after day ”.

Some time ago, the 2015 world champion announced the end of work on a new free program. The process, led by Yuri Smekalov, took place online, and fans took an active part in it. However, not everyone liked the idea. The famous choreographer Ilya Averbukh suggested that such an idea could not be unviable.

“This is a very intimate and punctual work, when you are alone with the breath of an athlete. You immerse yourself in the music, the choreography comes from how and what the athlete performs, how the movements look on the ice. The story with Tuktamysheva is a little like an attempt at entertainment during quarantine due to the coronavirus, sorry, ”Averbukh shared his opinion.

Meanwhile, Tuktamysheva continued to talk about how the training camp of Alexei Mishin's group in Kislovodsk is going on. This time she showed what would happen if she agreed to a bet with a skater. Sofya Samodurova argued with the team's masseur Dmitry that she would perform an axel in training. The sportswoman won the argument, and the loser had to fall flat into a pit of water.

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The details of life at the training camp were also shared by the bronze medalist of the Russian Ice Dancing Championship, Jonathan Gureiro. According to him, the only guests of the Moscow Region base in Novogorsk are doping officers, since due to the coronavirus pandemic, other visits are strictly prohibited.

“You can leave, because training camps sometimes last for two months, and some have breaks, but when you return back to the base, you need to sit out observation, wait for a negative test. Therefore, many do not do it, it is a waste of training days, ”said Gureiro.

Zagitova's malaise and Kozlovsky's new experience

The other day, the gathering of the Tutberidze group in Novogorsk came to an end. In a photo from one of the last classes, attentive fans noticed the absence of Alina Zagitova. It turned out that she was ill and had to spend several days in quarantine. It is noted that there is no cause for concern and the 2019 world champion is already at home.

In the offseason, Zagitova not only trained, but also mastered golf. At the same time, some dream of seeing a figure skater in other sports. So, the forward of the Russian junior national team Marat Khusnutdinov jokingly asked when she would try her hand at hockey. In response, the skater said that she already had such an experience.

The 2020 European champion in pair skating Dmitry Kozlovsky discovered a new discipline for himself. He picked up a racket and played a tennis match.

“Tennis is a real discovery for me! Cool, exciting, interesting and dynamic! Rest for the soul. Now, with special attention, I begin to follow the play of the world's best rackets at the most significant tournaments, ”Kozlovsky shared his impressions.

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Publication by Dmitry Kozlovski (@dimakozlovski) Aug 2, 2020 7:08 am PDT

Two-time world champion Evgenia Medvedeva rarely shares the details of life outside the rink and reveals her feelings. But this time she decided to reveal the secret of her show room 2018/19 to the composition of Ludovico Einaudi.

“The experience was about my first relationship. About the pain that you feel when a loved one leaves you at the most difficult time in your life, and you understand that for him it was just a game, started in order to feel better. This number is about how hard it is to lose someone, as well as how angry and helpless you feel. The number has several endings - depending on the current state of those relations. But my last performance had a sad ending, ”Medvedeva admitted.

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Immediately, two domestic figure skaters have a new reason for pride. The Japanese edition of Menjoy has compiled a list of the most beautiful Russian women. It included Zagitova and her group colleague Tutberidze Anna Shcherbakova, as well as tennis player Maria Sharapova and models Irina Sheik and Natalia Vodianova.

Navka's trip to the museum and Yagudin's failed romance

At the end of June, Yulia Lipnitskaya and figure skater Vladislav Tarasenko became parents. On July 27, their daughter turned one month old, and in honor of this event, the Sochi 2014 Olympic champion shared the first photo of a happy family, and also revealed the name of the child. The girl received the name Catalina.

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Meanwhile, Tatiana Navka showed her daughter Nadezhda the Museum. A.S. Pushkin. They visited an exhibition dedicated to Ancient Egypt and were impressed.

“An interesting exposition: fascinating mummies, mysterious sarcophagi, unusual drawings, ancient figurines, human-sized vessels, coins, papyri and a fascinating story about an ancient civilization interested Nadyusha. Insanely interesting and informative! And the hall itself is decorated with architectural elements typical of an ancient Egyptian temple, which helps to create an atmosphere of complete immersion in culture, ”Navka wrote a review.

Irina Slutskaya also decided to plunge into the past, although not so distant. Fans of figure skating are well aware of the story of the victory of Irina Rodnina and Alexander Zaitsev at the 1973 World Cup, when the music turned off during the performance of the couple. However, not many people remember that a similar situation happened with the two-time world champion in 2001 at a tournament in Vancouver, Canada. Despite the unpleasant incident and the excitement caused by it, the athlete did not make any mistakes and took second place.

"It's very hard. You tune in mentally, prepare for the exit, concentrate, gather your will into a fist. And then again! And everything ends! To say that I was worried is to say nothing. But I understood that I had to fight to the end. If I don't do the element now, then I will fly very, very far. Because this is the world championship. Because this is Canada. Because this is another continent, where everyone is against us, ”Slutskaya admitted.

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