Grand sumo wrestling July place Skill Award for former Ozeki Terunofuji who returned to the scene at 14:41 on August 2

In July, Sumo Wrestling Selection Committee was held, and Teruno Fuji, who has experienced Ozeki and has returned to the venue, won the Skill Award.
It is the first time in 11 years that a wrestler who has fallen from Ozeki receives three awards.

The selection committee for the three prizes was held at the Kokugikan on August 2nd of Chiaki Music, with 12 wins by the 14th day of August 1st, and the 17th frontal Terunofuji who stands alone to win the championship. Was selected for the first skill award.

Terunofuji fell from Ozeki to the second tier temporarily due to injury and illness, but now that he has returned to the scene, he has won four victories with the four sumo wrestling that have both strength and goodness. I've been pulling a fight.

It is the first time in eleven years since Masayama won the Kyushu Place in 2007 that Masayama won the Fighting Prize.

In addition, Masayo Sekiwaki, who has been competing for 11 wins and 3 losses so far, such as defeating Terunofuji on August 1, was selected for the Brawl Award.
Masayo is the fifth award winner.

The Distinguished Service Award was selected by Sekiwaki Mitake, who is competing for Yokotsuna Hakuho and Shin-Ozeki Asanoyama with 11 wins and 3 losses.
The Ontake Sea is the sixth award.

In addition, if Terunofuji and Masayo win the title, they will receive the Distinguished Service Award, and if Ontake Sea wins, they will also win the Fighting Award.

In addition, Koei Yuesho, who won Shiraho, won the Distinguished Service Award when he won on August 2nd with 11 wins and 4 losses.