The NHL has chosen to resume the season with games in two Canadian cities. The Western Conference will be decided in Edmonton and the 12 teams from the East will begin in Toronto.

Mika Zibanejad's New York Rangers have been in Toronto since last Sunday, where the teams are trapped and separated from, partly each other but also the outside world, to minimize the risk of infection.

- There will be some video games, table tennis, playing cards with the boys. There are some outdoor activities as well. You really only try to make the days go by.

"Hope we can surprise some teams"

The New York Rangers have missed the playoffs the last two seasons but now have the chance to, via play-in against Carolina, reach the quarterfinals.

- It will be fun, you have longed for this. It has been many hours on the paddle court, badminton, tennis and football. It will be fun to play important matches again.

Before the corona break, the New York Rangers were second last in their division. But thanks to 24 teams going to the playoffs this year, they now have the chance and Zibanejad is optimistic.

- I hope we can surprise some teams. That we can get back to the game we had the last two months. It is important to find our way back to the balance we had before this break.

The NHL playoffs begin today, with 16 teams making the playoffs, in the best of five games. The winners go to the round of 16, where four teams from each conference are already directly qualified.