Antonio Brown only managed to make one match for his latest club New England Patriots before he was fired last fall.

A few days later, it emerged that a woman, his former personal trainer, had filed a lawsuit against him, accusing him of rape and two counts of sexual assault. The rape is said to have taken place in May 2018 and the other abuses in June 2017.

The wide receiver is also suspected of having sent threatening text messages to another woman who accused him of sexual advances, and abused a parcel courier. Brown has consistently denied all allegations.

When he was fired from the Patriots last fall, Brown said he "will never play in the NFL again."

As a result of the negative writings, the star has lost his sponsorship contract with Nike and helmet manufacturer Xenith. Once on the field, however, he has excelled as one of the league's top wide receivers since being drafted in 2010.

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NFL legend Tom Brady outshined golf stars with art forms.