Sävehof's Christoffer Brännberger has made himself known as a bully in the handball league.

On February 17 this year, he hit a Hallby player in the stomach and on March 2, he was suspended for ten days for the increase.

After the corona pandemic put handball on pause, the handball disciplinary committee has examined another report against the player.

On February 27, he gave Ludvig Hallbäck in Ystads IF a slap in the face with his forearm / elbow. Something the judges missed.

One month suspension

But a report came in afterwards and the disciplinary committee has now sentenced Brännberger to a month's suspension, which means that the 29-year-old will miss the six opening matches of the season, according to Aftonbladet.

- We chose not to appeal even though we think the punishment was perhaps a little severe. We always have an ongoing dialogue with Brännberger about this and we do not accept things like this, says Sävehof's sports director Emil Berggren to the newspaper.

In an SMS to Göteborgs-Posten, Brännberger comments on the suspension:

"I do not think the penalty reflects the incident at all, six matches is too strict but it is just to accept and train."

MORE HANDBALL: Magnus Wislander leaves RIK after schism: "Frustrated" (28 May 2020):

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Magnus Wislander has suffered a stroke. Photo: Bildbyrån