MLB Angels Otani is a no-hit August 1st 17:44

Shohei Otani of the big league, Angels played as No. 4 hitter in the Astros match on the 31st, and was a four-hits no hit.

Otani, who had been hitting a three-run home run for two consecutive games until the day before, played in the No. 4 nominated batter in the first match of the three consecutive games with Astros that started on the 31st at home base Anaheim.

Otani competed against the starting right pitcher, and the first bat at one out was one out first and second base, and the curve that dropped to the in-course was robbed of a running strikeout. It was a fast goro, hitting a low curve.

The third at-bat in the fourth inning was a strikeout to the curve again, but in the fourth at-bat in the seventh inning, he chose a foreball with four balls and got out to the base and then stepped on the platform.

And the fifth at-bat in the 8th inning to chase 2 points was one-out first-base and third-base, but fell to the double play of the second goro, and Otani was a four-bat no hit and one foreball. The batting average was 10 minutes, 4 minutes, and 8 minutes.

The match has been defeated by the Angels 6 to 9 for three consecutive losses.