Djurgården came to the home meeting with Häcken with new energy after the derby victory over AIK last time.

Kalle Holmberg started the scoring after 20 minutes of play, when he took advantage of the carelessness of the defense in Häcken's penalty area and poked in a goalkeeper return until 1-0.

If Djurgårdsanfallaren's first goal in the half came to a random chance and on Hisingetaget's carelessness, the second was all the more attractive. Then Holmberg got the ball outside the penalty area, got rid of his guard via a delicious shot fine and then pushed the ball into the net just below Jonathan Rasheed's right cross.

Rasheed who had been substituted after half an hour of play when Peter Abrahamsson stepped off injured - it was already then Häcken's second substitution in the match after Ali Youssef also stepped off injured after just over a quarter.

Wålemark reduced

Prior to that, Holmberg's dream match in extra time of the first half, Häcken achieved a beautiful reduction. Only 18-year-old Patrik Wålemark ended a beautiful attack when he stayed in front of the far post.

In the second half, Djurgården closed the match early.

Already in the 47th minute of play, the Stockholm team got a free kick on the left. Jacob Une Larsson nodded down the post and Erik Berg heeled the ball further into the net.

- I barely have time to react. Not much to do, I just touched the ball a little, Berg says to Dplay about the heel goal and continued:

- We make a good match. We start half bad and they get to control. But then we get into the good when we score goals and it rolls on. We are good right now and stable where we control the matches in a nice way, says Berg to Dplay after the victory.

Because that's where the goal production stopped in this match.

The victory means that Djurgården is a new table three in the Allsvenskan.