, August 1st. With the unsuccessful final attack of the Jilin Men's Basketball Team, the second game of the CBA playoffs this season has ended. Beijing Controls passed 108:106 in danger, and the four groups of 12 entered the 8 playoffs. The result is confirmed. Zhejiang, Fujian and Qingdao are among the teams that have advanced hand in hand with Beijing Enterprises. Guangdong, Xinjiang, Liaoning, and Shougang, who are waiting for work, have their own challengers.

CBA playoffs matchup chart. Image source: Screenshot of CBA official website

  This season, the CBA has compressed the playoff schedule due to the epidemic. The 12-to-8 play-off stage and the subsequent quarter-finals not only have no time interval, but also canceled the turn-based confrontation. The thrilling and thrilling system of single elimination and elimination puts extremely high requirements on the on-the-spot adjustment ability of each team. Zhejiang Guangsha, ranked No. 5 in the regular season, suffered a "success" under the dangerous competition system and lost to the Fujian Men's Basketball Team.

  With the end of the four matchups, the top 8 of the CBA playoffs will come out. The defending champion Guangdong Dongguan Bank will face the challenge of Qingdao, Xinjiang, which is second in the regular season, will face the North Control, and the Liaoning team will face Zhejiang Chouzhou. The bank, Beijing Shougang's opponent is the "dark horse" Fujian that has entered the threshold of the playoffs. In the four quarter-final duels, four semi-final tickets will be decided in two days from the 2-3 days.

  According to the competition system, the semi-finals and finals of this season will adopt a 3-match 2-win system. At that time, there will be room for each team to adjust. And before that, the last eight teams that are still in the season will face a test of winning or losing. Any team has a chance to win, but if you are not careful, you will be directly eliminated in the quarterfinals. The winner, CBA will give fans an exact answer in the next two days. (Finish)