"Before that we didn't even know each other."

A day after the appearance in social networks of the post of coach Eteri Tutberidze, in which she announced the transfer of Alena Kostornaya to Evgeny Plushenko, new details of the "transfer" began to appear. The two-time Olympic champion himself commented on the situation, refuting some of Tutberidze's statements.

First of all, Plushenko said that he only became aware of Kostornaya's desire to replenish his group two weeks ago, although Tutberidze claimed that such an agreement had been reached back in May.

“Before that we didn't even know each other. If she had such thoughts before, then I knew nothing about it. I don’t know what didn’t suit her, and whether it didn’t. I can only say that Alena decided to radically change the team. She did not have any specific wishes - she just wanted to train, prepare for the Olympics, she is absolutely geared towards sports, "TASS quotes Plushenko.

In addition, the coach commented on the assumption that Kostornaya's decision could allegedly be influenced by a lucrative financial offer from his academy. However, Plushenko assured that this issue was not discussed at all.

Due to the fact that Kostornaya's desire to change her mentor became known only recently, she began preparations for the new season in the Tutberidze group and even participated in the team training camp in Novogorsk. At the time of the transition, she already had two programs ready. At the same time, Plushenko said that now the athlete has to work on new numbers.

“Of course, we will change and make ours. What I've seen on Instagram from her recent programs is just awful. Alyona does not like it, she said it herself, ”RIA Novosti quotes Plushenko.

Meanwhile, Kostornaya was actively criticized not only for the transition itself, but also for its alleged reason - Tutberidze stated that the European champion allegedly provided a whole list of skaters with whom she refused to train. Plushenko denied this mentor's statement.

“This is complete nonsense, she was ready to train with everyone. She has no problems, Alyona perceives all athletes very positively, she understands that sparring partners are needed, ”the specialist assured.

In the near future Kostornaya will start training at Angels Plushenko. In particular, she will deal with the restoration of quadruple jumps. The coach himself said that even more sensations await figure skating fans.

After the transition of Alexandra Trusova to Plushenko in May of this year, a conflict began between specialists. Among other things, Tutberidze accused her opponent of not raising a single champion from scratch. Now the mentor said that by recruiting already established athletes into the team, he guarantees the representation of his academy at the Olympics.

“Plushenko gets ready-made athletes and a certain guarantee for the Olympics. I can only say that I have never lured anyone away. How can an athlete be given a guarantee of results and success? It takes a long way, ”said the mentor.

She also said that since mid-July, Kostornaya stopped actively practicing and found reasons not to go on the ice. Choreographer Daniil Gleikhengauz confirmed Tutberidze's words.

“She abruptly began to train badly, not to carry out our assignments, to snap back and to show with all kinds that something was wrong. This did not last long, then one day we left the junior class, and Alena was waiting for us in the corridor, who announced that she no longer wanted to train and had already agreed that she would work in Plushenko's group, ”wrote Gleichengauz.

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In addition, he urged not to spare the coaching staff of Tutberidze, since parting with the charges is part of their work. At the same time, according to him, after such situations it is hard for them to trust and love their athletes.

Interestingly, another version of the incident appeared in the media, according to which the decisive argument in favor of the transition was the opportunity to conclude lucrative advertising contracts. Allegedly, after success at the adult level, Kostornaya wanted to find a sponsor, but the Tutberidze group did not support this initiative. Plushenko took advantage of this, according to sources, who had more than once invited the skater to his academy.

"Alena did not act very nicely"

Meanwhile, fans and experts continue to discuss the feasibility of Kostornaya's decision. So, the winner of the 2017 Universiade, Elena Radionova, admitted that she did not understand the skater's motive. In her opinion, it was worth trying to find another way out of the situation.

“Every skater has a moment when it seems to him that his coach is not giving him attention. I myself went through it. At such moments it can be offensive, but you have to step over it. If Alena did not have enough attention in the previous group, she may also not have enough attention in the new one, ”RIA Novosti quotes Radionova.

Alyona Leonova, silver medalist of the 2015 World Cup, said that she supports Tutberidze in this situation.

“I don’t know their relationship. But in general, I think that Alena did not act very nicely, if you go into these details. I repeat, I would like to support Eteri Georgievna in this situation, ”Leonova said.

The famous choreographer Ilya Averbukh also took the side of Tutberidze. He called her a hard worker, whom close people sometimes repay with ingratitude.

“But the creative worker will always be the first. Is always! Do you understand what it is when an athlete leaves you, in whom you have invested all of yourself? Have you raised anyone in your life? I think that Eteri is a truly talented coach, a great fanatic and a hard worker, and I say: work and faith will help to overcome any loss, "Averbukh wrote on Instagram.

In turn, the three-time winner of the continental championships Maxim Kovtun remembered how he left the coach Elena Vodorezova for a year. Then he regretted this act, although such situations occur in figure skating all the time.

“In connection with the successes of Adelina Sotnikova and mine, Elena Germanovna began to receive proposals. I considered her almost my property, my second mother. But I left because I was jealous of the fact that she wants to take one, the second, the third. I didn’t understand that the coach is also building a career, ”said Kovtun.