"Eteri Georgievna will not fold her hands"

Alena Kostornaya's transition from Eteri Tutberidze to Evgeny Plushenko had the effect of a bomb exploding in Russian figure skating and divided its representatives into two camps. Some were shocked by the decision of the athlete, who had achieved her main successes at the moment under the guidance of a mentor, while others reacted with understanding to this step.

The statements of the coaches of the Tutberidze group added fuel to the fire. Commenting on the departure of the ward, choreographer Alexei Zheleznyakov hinted that her act was dictated by pride.

“Masks fly off, faces open, only in troubles and sorrows do people show their true faces! Someone goes through fires, water and copper pipes, and someone breaks. I saw many people both in sports and in show business, who, wearing crowns, quickly fell from heaven. As I said: "When you leave, leave." Not everyone can stand to work in this team, not everyone can, the price is very high. The strongest remain, ”Zheleznyakov wrote.

Many figure skating fans also sided with Tutberidze. On social networks, a flurry of criticism fell on Kostornaya. Some experts also made quite harsh statements. Honored coach of Russia Inna Goncharenko admitted that the news of what had happened "spoiled her mood."

“This is not the behavior of an accomplished person who went through copper pipes, but of a teenager. Absolutely ungrateful behavior. I do not know exactly what happened, but this girl is a member of the national team, she is actually at work and must give an account of her actions. To be honest, I don't even want to assess her chances in the future now, ”Goncharenko quoted TASS as saying.

The 1993 world champion Alexander Zhulin said that he did not understand Kostornaya's motives. At the same time, he did not criticize the skater, suggesting that she had good reasons to stop working with Tutberidze.

“Time will put everything in its place, wait and see. Eteri Georgievna wish you patience and withstand this difficult situation. And Alyona - kindness and good skating ... Since I switched, it means that she believes that there was not enough attention or something else was missing, "Zhulin said in an interview with RT.

In turn, the 1999 world champion Maria Butyrskaya noted that the situation with the change of coaches is not new for figure skating. According to her, with the first serious successes, many young athletes begin to feel more confident, believing that they know better how to build their careers.

“But sport does not forgive this. If you stay, you should always listen to your mentor, no matter what level you are at. I'm not saying this to the girls, they are smart. It's just a pity that they leave the specialist who brought them to such results. But such is the fate of the coach, he never knows how long the athlete will stay with him. Any conflict can lead to rupture. I think Eteri Georgievna will not fold her hands and will bring up a dozen of such girls, ”Butyrskaya suggested.

The reason for criticism of Kostornaya was not only the fact of switching to Plushenko, but also the requirements that she allegedly presented to Tutberidze. The specialist told about the existence of a list of skaters with whom the athlete allegedly did not want to train.

“If that was the case, then this is also not entirely correct. Good, healthy competition didn’t get in the way of achieving great results. Of course, figure skating is an individual sport, where everyone is for himself, so there is no need to talk about friendship with all the girls in the group. But you need to go out on the ice and do your job. Yes, there are young girls with quadruple jumps, which, probably, “interfere”. And Alena is number one in the country and, probably, believes that she has the right to impose conditions. How correct this is, not for me to judge. But this could not have happened before, ”added Butyrskaya.

Zhulin adheres to a similar position.

“Tutberidze is a man with his own rules and principles. This is her strength. It does not change principles and decisions. But when you have such a group and such a number of strong athletes, there will certainly be dissatisfied people who start looking for reasons to leave. It's all very complicated. But how can you expect special treatment? I do not argue that Kostornaya is a star, but such situations happen at every step, ”the expert concluded.

"I do not believe in the list non grata"

At the same time, there were those who questioned Tutberidze's words. Honored Coach of the USSR Tatyana Tarasova defended Kostornaya.

“I don't believe in list non grata. I think she just wants individual attention. The other girls take Eteri's time, so they leave. Jealousy is normal, athletes have to decide with whom they will go to the Olympics. Now is the last year when you can switch to another mentor. After, as they say, it is impossible to change horses on the crossing, "- quotes Tarasova" Championship ".

Three-time Olympic champion and State Duma deputy Irina Rodnina noted that it is difficult to judge where Kostornaya would be better now - this will be shown by the results of future competitions. In any case, in her opinion, coping with the current situation will not be easy for both sides.

“I cannot comment on anything, but I know one thing: this is a rather painful process for everyone. Someone succeeds and new forces, desire, impulses appear to progress. This may crush someone a little, ”RIA Novosti quotes Rodnina as saying.

Some experts also urged not to give an advance assessment of this transition.

“I was surprised to hear the news of Kostornaya's transfer. It is also surprising that this is not the first top athlete to leave Tutberidze. Well, you need to respect Kostornaya's decision. We will look after the further situation, ”said 1998 Olympic champion Natalia Bestemyanova.

Of course, many immediately had parallels with the story of Alexandra Trusova, who left Tutberidze just three months ago. At the same time, according to the gold medalist of the 2014 Games in Sochi Maxim Trankov, if the two-time world champion among juniors could have reasons for dissatisfaction, then the decision of her colleague can be called strange, given her outstanding results.

“Usually, in such cases, they do not make such drastic changes and replace coaches. And for me this fact is a little shock. But Alena remains my favorite figure skater from this trinity - Trusova, Kostornaya, Anna Shcherbakova. I have always singled out her, ”Trankov noted.

In addition, he wished Plushenko good luck.

“He had strong athletes, juniors, the same super-strong Sasha Trusova, and now there is also the leader of women's single skating Alena Kostornaya. And such athletes are in the group of a coach who is just starting his journey. I would like to wish my wife good luck and get out of this situation as a winner, and he knows how to do it, ”added Trankov.