• Covid-19. Threat of collapse and division in football due to new positives

The UEFA said the match Barcelona-Naples , scheduled for August 8 in Barcelona , go ahead " as planned " and is "in contact with the competent local authorities to" monitor the situation ".

"The game is scheduled to be played in Barcelona as planned. We are monitoring the situation and contact the competent local authorities," said the organization on Thursday, which also contacted the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) today.

UEFA announced last 10th day , when it communicated the venues of the matches pending its competitions and their final stages, that it would maintain contact with the authorities of the countries where it will be played to monitor the situation before the current health crisis.

This is the case of Spain, after the reputation of positive cases by COVID-19 in the territory and in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona, ​​where the return match between the Catalan team and the Italian Naples must be disputed, which will determine the team that agrees to the final phase from August 12 to 23 in Portugal .

The UEFA also contacted the RFEF secretary for strategic organization and international relations, Jorge Mowinckel , today for information, as Spain will also host the final phase of the women's Champions League from August 21 to 30 in San Sebastián and Bilbao , and their planning, just as Barça-Naples continues as planned.

The European body will continue updating the data on the situation in Spain and in the other countries where its competitions must be held.

In the case of the Champions League, he must also complete the knockout stages for Manchester City-Real Madrid , Juventus-Lyon and Chelsea-Bayern.

UEFA "reserves the right to reassign venues"

In the event of incidents of any kind, UEFA has already announced that "it reserves the right to reassign said matches to the venues of the final phase of the corresponding competition, in the event of new events that make it impossible to play one or more matches in the original offices ".

UEFA has also, since July 9, a protocol for returning to football that establishes the framework of sanitary and hygienic procedures, including in relation to the tests, as well as the operational measures that will be applied when the matches of its competitions are organized.

All national clubs and federations will be obliged to comply with it, as well as its players, officials, technical personnel and workers, just like any other related directive as a condition for participation in the next competitions.

" Given that the current situation is dynamic and unpredictable , both in terms of its epidemiology and the nature of countermeasures imposed by national governments, the protocol will evolve over time and may be updated as necessary to reflect changes in the public health and the regulatory environment ", advanced the UEFA on the 9th.

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