In January, the clubs in the Allsvenskan and the Superettan voted for the decision not to pick up the video referee system VAR for Swedish football for the next two seasons. Then they communicated that they wanted to investigate the technology until 2021.

- It is good that it is expected with VAR as I still think that things can get better with the system, said SVT Sports expert Daniel Nannskog then.

The former professional judge, Jonas Eriksson, says in an interview with Radiosporten that he would like to see WHERE in the Allsvenskan and that Sweden is behind in development.

- We are helpless after many European countries. If we look at our neighboring countries, Denmark is far ahead of next season to introduce it. I think we are a little far behind, says Eriksson and continues:

- It is a disadvantage to act in a country where we do not have it regularly. We're a little behind. Even if you still have the chance, it is very difficult to reach all the way forward.

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Manchester United got a helping hand against Aston Villa. Photo: Bildbyrån